This completely restored 29 year-old Bajaj Chetak scooter looks beautiful [Video]

Bajaj Chetak was once a very common sight in many Indian households. It was one of the most popular scooters of its time and many people who are reading this article might have once learned how to ride a two-wheeler on a Chetak. Bajaj Chetak is an important part of Indian motoring history. Although, the Chetak name has now come back in the form of an electric scooter, there is still a fan following for the original Chetak scooter. There are several well-maintained examples of the scooter available in the country but here we have a neatly restored Chetak that looks beautiful.

The video has been uploaded by MUNDODI VLOGS on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks about all the restoration work that he did on a 1993 model Bajaj Chetak scooter. The scooter actually belongs to his client and it was in a bad condition when it came to him. The scooter had to be restored completely to bring back its glory. Many of the panels on the scooter had started to rust away and the paint had also started to fade.

All those panels which had rust on them were all corrected and the scooter was completely repainted in a Blue shade. The vlogger restored the scooter completely and also added some bits to give the scooter a retro look. The front wheels for example are painted steel rims in Chetak. Vlogger removed all the paint that had chipped off from the rim and gave the wheels a chrome coating. Even the front suspension got a similar treatment. The cover on the front wheel also gets a chrome plating on it.

This completely restored 29 year-old Bajaj Chetak scooter looks beautiful [Video]

The front mudguard on the scooter gets a chrome garnish with chrome plated guards in the front. The headlamp also has a similar treatment. The original Bajaj logo and Chetak branding has been restored as well. The ORVMs are new round units they are also finished in chrome for a retro look. The foot board area on the Chetak now gets a metal sheet instead of rubber mats. The sheets have patterns on it which provide grip and there are channels so that water flows out without any issues. The spare wheel has been removed from the rear and is placed at the front to get a neat look. Even the spare wheel has been chrome plated to get a uniform look.

The rider’s seat on the scooter gets springs under it offers a comfortable ride. The pillion seat gets a grab handle and there is a thin metal cage around the side panels to protect the scooter from minor scratches. As mentioned above, this was a full restoration project, the engine was also restored as part of the job and the parts like carburetor, piston and many more were replaced. The side engine cover also get a chrome plating. The work done on this scooter looks very neat. Dhruva Mundodi has neatly restored the scooter and although, there are some new additions, it does not affect overall character.