Confirmed: Bajaj’s next motorcycle will be named Dominar 400, launch soon

Bajaj’s next new motorcycle has gone through a lot of name changes in the past. First showcased at the Auto Expo 2014 as CS400, the naked touring motorcycle has become one of the most anticipated motorcycles from the Bajaj brand. In the past, it has changed names to VS400 and Kratos. Now it has been confirmed that the new motorcycle will be launched on 15th December and will be called Dominar 400.

What is it about?

Confirmed: Bajaj’s next motorcycle will be named Dominar 400, launch soon

The Dominar 400 will be targeted at touring enthusiasts and will rival the Royal Enfield motorcycles. It will become the flagship motorcycle for Bajaj replacing the RS200. The Dominar 400 will also become the Bajaj motorcycle with largest engine capacity and hence, most powerful model from Bajaj.

Just like Duke 200 and Pulsar 200NS shares a lot of components between themselves, the Dominar 400 will be a derivative of the KTM Duke 390. The highway cruiser will feature many of the Bajaj’s signature features like the triple-spark technology. The engine will be similar to the 373cc engine of the Duke 390 but it will be retuned for long distance rides.

The 373cc engine of the Dominar 400 will have a stronger low-end and will have better fuel efficiency than the Duke 390. The power will be slightly less and it will produce around 38 BHP as against 43 BHP produced in the Duke 390. It will also get a six-speed transmission for better efficiency and relaxed ride during long distance cruising.

Confirmed: Bajaj’s next motorcycle will be named Dominar 400, launch soon

The Dominar 400 will come with a split instrument cluster with a digital screen mounted on the fuel tank. It will be the first Bajaj motorcycle to feature all-digital instrument cluster. The motorcycle features normal telescopic forks as opposed to the upside down forks showcased with the concept model at the auto expo. The rear suspension is taken care by a mono-shock.

Dominar will come with dual disc brakes with ABS as standard. Customers will be able to choose dual channel ABS system as optional but it is not confirmed as of now. Bajaj is expected to put a premium price tag of around Rs. 1.6-1.7 lakh. The Dominar 400 will also compete with the likes of Mahindra Mojo along with Royal Enfield Himalayan.

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