Confirmed! Diesel Jazz and City from Honda in 2014

Honda has tasted first blood with the tremendous sales success of the Amaze compact sedan’s diesel engined variants and the Japanese car maker is eager for more. In 2014, Honda has plans of launching the next generation versions of the Jazz hatchback and the City sedan in India.

We now have confirmation from Jnaneswar Sen, Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Honda Cars India, that the 2014 Jazz hatchback and the City sedan will be launched with turbo diesel engines. Exact details and specifications of the diesel engines that Honda will use in the new Jazz and City are currently unavailable.

Confirmed! Diesel Jazz and City from Honda in 2014

That said, we have a hunch that the 1.5 liter i-DTEC engine found in the Amaze compact sedan’s engine bay will be shoehorned into both the 2014 Jazz and City models. As this all-aluminium turbo diesel engine was developed mainly with the Indian car market in mind, expect to see it on more Honda cars sold here. The engine comes with a fixed geometry turbocharger and outputs 100 PS-200 Nm. Clearly, the addition of a variable geometry turbocharger could bump up the power and torque figures, stuff that could be apt for the 2014 City sedan, which is a much bigger car than the sub-4 meter Amaze.

Along with diesel engine options, both the 2014 Honda Jazz and the City will get petrol engines too. Expect manual and automatic gearboxes to also make it to the variant mix of both these cars. When it is launched in early 2014, the Jazz will be making a comeback into the Indian car market nearly 2 years after it was discontinued here. In case of the City sedan, the car’s existing version will be replaced by the new model. The Jazz will sit in the B+ hatchback space while the City will continue to operate in the C segment sedan space. Keep your eyes peeled out for both these cars that could be unveiled at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo.