Congress MP Rahul Gandhi shows the truck container that was his home for 136 days [Video]

The ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ conducted by renowned Indian politician Rahul Gandhi remained the talk of the town for nearly 136 days during its conduction in India. Many people had several questions about this ambitious plan of Rahul Gandhi, related to which all places he would be walking to and where he will be staying at night when the journey comes to a halt after every sunset. Now, Rahul Gandhi himself has given a sneak peek of the container in which he used to rest every day after the walking journey is halted post sunset.

In one of his YouTube videos, Rahul Gandhi has given a glimpse of the container in which he used to take rest every day after the long exhaustive day of walking on public roads. As seen in the video, the container here is well-furnished with all the essentials and amenities one needs on a long journey.

Armed with wooden furniture and panels all over, the container is equipped with a double bed with pillows and mattresses, a lockable shelf to the right side of the bed and an air conditioner above the shelf. The container also features an open stack which is occupied by a box for storing valuables below the shelf, a couch with a seating capacity of nearly three people, a ceiling fan above it and a few hangers for hanging clothes and a belt.

Gets attached washroom

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi shows the truck container that was his home for 136 days [Video]

To all those who were wondering about the washroom facilities in ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’, the video also gives a few glimpses of the compact-sized washroom inside the container. This washroom is separated by the main resting area with a curtain and comes equipped with a commode, a geyser for the availability of hot water, a wash basin, a couple of buckets and a tap for running water. The container is also seen with blue-coloured curtains on either side of the bed, which are expected to be curtains for the window panels giving a view of the outside world from both sides of the container.

It was already known to many that Rahul Gandhi, along with the people and other party members accompanying him, used to take rest in movable containers, which used to travel along with the “Bharat Jodo Yatra” movement all through the country. After the walk comes to a halt every day, Rahul Gandhi and other politicians accompanying him used to take some rest in these containers, which were mounted on full-sized commercial trucks.

Many movie actors and celebrities use vanity vans which are just like moving homes. Since the movie celebrities need to get ready on different locations, take rest and freshen up, the vanity vans travel with them all the time when needed. In India, many Bollywood celebrities have spent lakhs of rupees to get such customised vanity vans.

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