Continued: 10 beautifully modified Jeeps from across India

Continued: 10 beautifully modified Jeeps from across India


jeep 7

This is a heavily modified CJ 340. It has a 2.5 liter engine under the hood, front disc brakes and rear LSD. The front and rear differentials have been replaced by those on the army MM 550. The body has been re-fabricated and there are structural changes to the vehicle as well. There is a roll cage and a snorkel has been added. The vehicle is finished in a two tone matte finish which is unique. All the modifications done to this have been well designed and carefully thought of by the owner.

Red Fox

jeep 2This Thar was built by Red Fox auto. Mods include a new front bumper, new LED lights on the front fender, mew rear fender, a custom hard top (the Thar is a soft top), off-road tyres  and custom LED tail lamps.

The insides have also gotten a makeover with more plush materials and more comfortable seat being used.


jeep 9

Details on what this is based on are not clear. Mods that are clear though are the huge tyres, the dual windscreen, the custom soft top roof, the front exhaust (tractor style), the custom interiors and the front which has been redesigned.


jeep 4

This orange one you see here was featured on Jeep Clinic. The vehicle features a custom paint shade, an off-road bumper with a winch, flared wheel arches, a custom looking grill which gives it an angry look, a snorkel, a hard top roof and a light bar on top. Looks very intimidating, don’t you think?


Low Rider Jeep

There are a lot of examples of low and modified Jeeps that are built across the country. This is two such examples. They look a lot more wider than the other Jeeps here.


They have custom interiors and as you can see from the picture, no roof. Details on what this one is based on is not clear.

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