Continued: 10 BEST driving habits that separates car experts from beginners

Don’t use high-beam unless necessary


Driving with high-beam in the city is a really bad habit as it blinds other drivers and makes driving tough. An expert will never drive with the high-beam on unless it is absolutely necessary. If he does have to use the high-beam, he will dip it down if he sees an oncoming car.

Not use gear as armrest


While driving, both hands need to be on the steering wheel to make sure that the car stays in control at all times, especially since our roads have a lot of dust/dirt and other things that could cause the car to lose control.

Also, resting you hand on the gear lever could cause damage to the gear shifting stick since you are applying a force to the gear lever at all times which is unnecessary.

Drive smoothly and don’t tailgate

Brake failure

Smooth driving is a key factor that separates an expert driver from a novice. Knowing when to shift gears and how to tackle bad roads  is something that is very necessary in a good driver. Smoothly means not braking or accelerating suddenly.

Also, expert drivers don’t tailgate. If you tailgate, you are relying on the driver in front of you to make the right choice. Also in case of emergency braking, there is a very high risk of rear-ending the  car in front due to lack of reaction time.

Don’t revv unnecessarily

engine rpm

A good driver will not revv the engine a lot unless highly necessary. Driving at higher revvs will accelerate the wear and tear on the engine and gearbox components. Also it will make the drive a lot more noisier and jerkier as well. Revving the car in traffic is completely unnecessary. Instead you should be gentle with the throttle.

Knowing the car

ABS Warning Lights

Knowing the car basically means knowing the dimensions and all the controls on the car. This is important because you can easily judge whether your car will fit in a space, squeeze through traffic or clear a speed breaker without having to go over it diagonally. Knowing your car helps to keep thus is very helpful.