Continued: 10 biggest DANGERS bikers face in India

Here are five more big dangers faced by bikers in India.

Sudden opening of car doors

There have been many instances where riders faced sudden opening of car doors. The unexpected door opening by cars that are parked on the side of the roads can be fatal too.

The sudden opening of the car door can also cause the rider to panic and change direction suddenly, which can cause an accident. One should always be careful while crossing parked vehicles on the side of the roads.

Blind spot of other vehicles

Continued: 10 biggest DANGERS bikers face in India

Most of the accidents that involve motorcyclists happen because the driver of other vehicles cannot see the two-wheeler. All the four-wheelers, especially heavy vehicles like trucks have huge blind spots where motorcycles can hide easily. Such vehicles can take unexpected turns or change lane suddenly causing an accident.

Dangerously driven cars

Continued: 10 biggest DANGERS bikers face in India

Motorcycles are very fragile, and even a small nudge can cause them to fall. There are many car drivers who drive rash and ignore the two-wheelers on the road. Such dangerous driving can cause unwanted contact with the bike. Also, be aware of rowdy two-wheeler riders too. They can also cause the same result when they two-wheelers.

Flooded roads

Continued: 10 biggest DANGERS bikers face in India

The flooded roads pose extreme danger to the riders. It is always to difficult to make out what’s underneath the water surface. Flooded roads can have big potholes, open manholes, big stones, speed breakers and many such obstacles. Two-wheelers can easily lose balance after hitting on such obstacles under the water. It is always better to wait and let the water clear away than riding through it.

Unmarked speed breakers

Continued: 10 biggest DANGERS bikers face in India

Illegal speed breakers are the primary reason of accidents in India. Unmarked speed breakers are even more dangerous. Speed breakers are designed to slow you down, and if you hit them at high speed, a lot of things can go wrong, especially when you are riding a bike. Unmarked speed breakers can throw high-speed bikes in air and disbalance them. While they pose a lesser threat to the four-wheelers, the two-wheelers, however, can instantly lose contact with the ground and can get involved in grave accidents.

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