Continued: 10 BIGGEST misconceptions about SUVs

Here are five more misconceptions about SUVs.

SUVs mean diesel fuel


Most of the time car lovers stay away from the SUVs because of a general perception that diesel engines powers all the SUVs. Diesel engines do lack refinement when compared with the petrol counterparts.

The general perception is very wrong as many SUVs offer petrol engine under the hood. Yes, they are less popular due to their lower fuel efficiency, but they’re still on sale. One typical example is the latest Toyota Fortuner that is also offered with a 2.7-litre petrol engine, which develops a maximum power of 164 Bhp and 245 Nm of peak torque.

SUVs are extremely comfortable


Generally, SUVs are seen as the most comfortable cars to be in. In real life, SUVs do absorb a lot of potholes and deliver a comfortable ride but on curvy roads, they become a pain. The high seating position of the SUVs and high ground clearance means that the centre of gravity is very high in the vehicle.

This, along with softer suspension set-up means high body roll. The passengers, especially the ones sitting at the rear seats do not feel very comfortable due to the body roll. So all the SUVs are not very comfortable especially on the curvy roads like mountains.

They have a high maintenance cost

Ford Service

SUVs take a lot of money for maintenance is the common thing that most of the people say. The fact is SUVs are very affordable to maintain and cheap. As mentioned above, not all SUVs are fuel guzzlers. Similarly, not all SUVs will wipe out your bank balance every time you take it for a regular service.

One example of the same is the latest Ford Endeavour. Ford claims that regular servicing till 60,000 km cost less than Rs. 50,000 in total including the labour cost and parts. That is cheaper than many lesser-priced sedans and hatchbacks.

Bigger tyres and high seating position are good things

Body roll

The main attractions of the SUVs are its looks. The looks are primarily comprised of high seating posture and big tyres. While most of the people see them as good attributes, in reality, it can be a deadly combination. The high position of the car makes sure that the centre of weight of the vehicle is away from the ground making it extremely prone to rollovers. It is not safe to take high speed turns in an SUV due to the same reason.

SUVs are built ‘tough’


They do look tough but built? Not all of them. SUVs look bulky and muscular due to their size and stance but they may not be built in the same way. The heavy SUVs are always regarded as safe vehicles that will keep the occupants unhurt from any kind of crash but in reality, that’s not true. One such example is Mahindra Scorpio. A tough looking vehicle that scored Zero in the NCAP testing for safety. Also, its body structure was rated ‘unstable’.