Continued: 10 bike mods that are legal

Here are more legal modifications that you can do to your motorcycles.

Better Tyres

Continued: 10 bike mods that are legal

If you want to squeeze the best out of your motorcycle, a pair of good tyres are the most important thing for a motorcycle. Upgrading to better, softer compound tyre for tarmac, or off-road spec tyre for touring is something that can be done without getting into any legalities. Make sure you do not upsize your tyre, that will put your motorcycle into trouble.

Chain Tensioners

Continued: 10 bike mods that are legal

Most modern motorcycles come with open chain set-up. They need more care, greasing and tightening from time to time to make sure that they do not make excessive noise and work properly. Loose chains can cause slow accelerations and can sometime break and damage the motorcycle engine too.

To solve the issue, there are many chain tensioners that are available in the market and can be installed easily on any motorcycle with open chain. Some of the them also come with pre-applied grease that keeps your chain wet and smooth for a long period of time.


Continued: 10 bike mods that are legal

If you want a different identity for your motorcycle and change the way it looks, you can go for wraps. Many wraps are available in the market that can transform the way your motorcycle looks. Wraps are perfectly legal as they do not change the body colour of the motorcycle and can be easily changed whenever you grow bored of them. Also, wraps are easily replaceable with different coloured ones.

Comfortable seats

Continued: 10 bike mods that are legal

Many motorcycle come with seats hard as a plank. The absence of good amount of cushion can make long journeys a sore experience. Upgrading the seats are perfectly legal and can improve your motorcycling experience by a leap. You can get upgrade the existing seat with extra foam or get an after-market seat for more support.

Upgraded handles

Continued: 10 bike mods that are legal

The handles of your motorcycle decide the position you sit in and are extremely important to make sure that you ride comfortably without a pain. Upgrading motorcycle handles are perfectly legal but make sure that you get one that makes you comfortable. Such upgrades change the way you ride the motorcycle and one should be extremely careful while choosing after market motorcycle handles.

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