Continued: 10 concepts you didn’t know existed

Tata Connect Next

Continued: 10 concepts you didn’t know existed

The Connect Next concept from Tata Motors was introduced at the 2014 Auto Expo. The reason behind this concept was to showcase the vehicle’s technological advancement. So it is a 5 seat concept. The vehicle doesn’t have an AC, rather an occupant cooling system that uses sensors that are mounted all over to monitor the occupant’s temperature and location and cools the passenger down accordingly. It also has heads-up display, can be used to access the cloud and has a rear projected instrument cluster. Though Tata is following the Connect next philosophy in their new cars by providing improved infotainment systems, the vehicle itself hasn’t gone into production and is unlikely to.

Piaggio NT-3

Continued: 10 concepts you didn’t know existedPiaggio showcased the NT3 prototype at the Auto Expo in 2014, a couple of years after it had made its global debut at EICMA. It is a 4-wheeled 3-seater with 2-doors. Powering it is a 230 or 350 cc petrol engine. There is also a hybrid engine that had been developed for the NT-3.

This will take on the likes of the Bajaj RE60 if introduced. It has a top speed of 80 kmph and a fuel economy figure of upto 33 kmpl.

Mahindra Komodo

Continued: 10 concepts you didn’t know existed

The Komodo was more of a design study, than an out and out concept. It was designed and proto-typed by students who were undergoing their final year of Automotive design. The vehicle features a coupe like roof-line but is a proper SUV in stance. It features suicide doors as well. We really hope that something like this does make it production.

Hyundai Hexa Space

Continued: 10 concepts you didn’t know existed

With the MPV market suddenly growing in India (Ertiga, Mobilio, Lodgy), Hyundai decided that it too wanted a piece of the action. So, back in 2012, the company introduced the Hexa Space MPV concept to show that the company was serious about making a MPV. Sadly, the plans got pushed with the company now concentrating on the compact SUV.

Tata Mini Cat

Continued: 10 concepts you didn’t know existed

The Mini Cat is a car that was developed to run on compressed air. It could attain a top speed of 105 kmph and cover 300 kms on a single tank of fuel. It generates 0 emissions, being an eco-friendly car. Though the vehicle was to have been introduced a few years back, it sadly hasn’t been yet.