Continued: 10 ‘dangerous’ car accessories that are best avoided

Here are five more commonly fitted accessories that can prove to be very dangerous.


Bullbar Innova Crysta


People spend a lakh or more to buy a vehicle with airbags. They then put a bullbar in front of the bumper, making the airbag redundant. Yes, bullbars can interfere with the working of an airbag, which is why manufacturers don’t approve of such accessories, especially aftermarket ones. Bullbars also interfere in the vehicle’s crumple zone design, and this can prove to be very dangerous during an accident. These accessories also impact pedestrians much more than a stock bumper would.

Touch screen infotainment systems

Touchscreen Infotainment

While car manufacturers are vying with each other to install touchscreen infotainment systems that control everything from music to air conditioning, there’s a major risk with such units. While manufacturers add steering controls to supplement the touchscreen infotainment units so that the driver doesn’t have to take her/his eyes off the road while increasing/decreasing volume or making/receiving phone calls, aftermarket touchscreen units have no such provision. And it’s hard to change volume/track/attend calls with such a system without taking eyes off the road. In other words, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Pressurized car deodorants

Car Deodorant

A lot of car owners use perfumes to keep the cabins of their vehicles smelling fresh and nice. While liquid based car perfumes that come in glass bottles are fine, pressurized deodorants are a definite no-no. Such deodorants can explode when the car gets heated in the hot sun. Worse, in a country like India where summers are extremely hot, an exploding deodorant can cause massive damage, especially when the car is being driven.



Stanced cars look gorgeous, no doubt. However, altering the stance of the car by using spacers is something that’s not at all recommended. Spacers can cause a host of problems, from changing the suspension geometry of the vehicle to even causing the wheels to shear off hubs. It’s just too dangerous to even experiment.

Blacked out head and tail lamps

Blacked out headlamps

Another cosmetic mod that’s very popular – Blacked out lamps. This effect is usually achieved using tints. While a mild tint is generally fine, heavy tints seriously compromise the throw and reach of the headlamp, and the visibility of the tail lamp. And lack of visibility, both at the front and the rear, is definitely not a good thing.