Continued: 10 easy modifications to make any car an absolute stunner

Here is part-II of the story:


appeal 4

There are a lot of after market lights that are available in the market, like LEDs that will give your car a better look. No, we are not talking about the light bars or the auxiliary lights that will blind other road users, we are talking about aftermarket lights that will replace your OEM ones.

While this may help make your car look better, it could void the warranty and be dangerous if not done right. If you do opt to go in for such a mod, make sure you get it done at a well reputed place.


appeal 7

Putting on a boot lip spoiler, a front splitter or even a boot lid spoiler could make the car much better to look at. Again, we mean small spoilers that compliment the look of the car, not one that will look ricerish or out of place on the car.


appeal 6

A simple yet effective way of making the car look better is to debadge it. That way you can enjoy the design of the car. In India, most cars have a lot of badging due to the love for chrome that our country has, however most of it can be removed to give the car a classier look.

Dual tone paint scheme

Polo Modified3

Having a dual tone paint scheme can make your car more appealing to look at, which is why more and more manufacturers are opting for it now. Blacking out the roof, rims, pillars and the mirrors or even opting for contrast colours between the roof and the other parts of the car can make it good to look at.


Maruti 800 Low Rider 2

And now this brings us to the last and the toughest part, lowering. When we say tough, we mean something that will require money and something that will need a garage for the transformation. Given our bad road conditions, most companies have opted to put a rough road package on our cars that increases the ground clearance and that is something that kills the look of the car. You can now get lowering springs from a lot of brands that lower your car by the approriate height and don’t affect daily usability either. This sort of mod requires finding the best setup for your car. Also, a slight change in driving habits to protect the underbody of the vehicle.

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