Continued: 10 everyday Indian cars with BADASS body kits

Here is part-II of the story on BADASS body kitted cars in India featuring 5 more cars:

Toyota Innova

kit 3

The Innova is one more vehicle which you wouldn’t expect to find on this list. The Innova is a great people mover and it is very popular for the same reason. There are a few enthusiasts out there who have modded the Innova. This is one such vehicle.

This one has been done by Evo Customz. Changes include a new front grille that is of a Lexus style, new headlamps with dual projectors, new bumper with multiple LED DRLs, on the side and the front too. Whoever thought the mundane Innova could look so aggressive?

Honda Accord

kit 2

Jag Modz is a company in Kerala which modifies all types of cars. One of these cars is an Accord. Since the Accord never came with funky colour options, Jag Modz has repainted the car in a bright red shade. The headlamps have been replaced by ones having LEDs and projectors.

There is an all new reworked front bumper with a splitter as well. The bumper has scoops on each side of the to make it look sporty. Large Vossen rims with low profile tyres add to the sportiness.

Hyundai i20

kit 10

The i20 is a sophisticated hatchback from Hyundai that ticks all boxes. It is premium, looks nice and is well loaded. Here is one i20 that has been given a revamp.

So there is a new front mesh grille, new front bumper which has been borrowed from the BMW M3/M4 (design) and a new front splitter. The car has been lowered and has side skirts and larger rims on offer.

Honda Civic

kit 5

There are many examples of modified Civics in India. Here is another example with a loud body kit. The car has been slammed to the floor. The Civic was a car that had issues with ground clearance, this one takes that issue to an all-new low. The car has a new CRZ body kit, with the different and more aggressive bumper, grille and front splitter. The car now sits on larger alloy whels and has a new rear diffuser with quad exhausts.

Honda Jazz


Honda Jazz made a comeback in India after a brief period. The premium hatchback from Honda has many fans all over the country because of its unique design. The Jazz, however, looks little subtle on the design front. Here is an exemplary modification of the Jazz with scissor doors, a new carbon fibre bonnet, new headlamps, a new sporty bumper with LED DRLs, a new front splitter. new alloy wheels that are larger and side skirts.

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