10 great affordable performance bikes and their biggest flaws

Continued: 10 great affordable performance bikes and their biggest flaws

Here are some more fast, affordable bikes, and their biggest flaws.

Harley-Davidson Street 750

Street 750

The Harley-Davidson Street 750 is the cheapest Harley-Davidson motorcycle in India. The cruiser motorcycle fulfils many dreams of the enthusiasts who want a Harley in their garage but there is something that is very troubling with the Street 750.

The Street 750 faces issues with the braking. The motorcycle does not comes to stop easily. Harley-Davidson launched the 2017 range of their products under which the company introduces ABS with the Street 750 but we doubt that it will increase the braking prowess of the motorcycle.

Royal Enfield Classic 500


The retro-modern motorcycle known for its iconic design is a dream motorcycle for many people. Many long distance touring enthusiasts buy the Classic 500 to go on long trips. The Classic 500 comes with a long list of problems.

First of all, the motorcycle breaks down a lot. As we know, Royal Enfield enthusiasts carry a list of spares whenever they leave home for the market or beyond that, the Classic 500 is no different.

Also, the Classic 500 has problem with the vibrations. The high vibration of the Royal Enfield Classic 500 will leave you rattled for at least a couple of hours after you ride it over a long distance.

Kawasaki Ninja 300


The true entry-level performance motorcycle is the first step towards the super bike ownership in the longer run. The performance Japanese motorcycle is deemed one of the best in the segment. The problem with the Ninja 300 is the availability of spares. The motorcycle comes to India as a completely built unit from Japan.

Taking the Ninja 300 for service for major issues or an accident is a big deal as any spare part that the motorcycle may require has to be imported. Many spare parts often take at least a couple of month to arrive. Also, the spare parts are very expensive. The motorcycle costs a lot of money to maintain and that is a big turn off for many customer.

Honda CBR 250R

Honda CBR 250R

Honda launched the CBR 250R way back in 2011 and since then the motorcycle has gained a lot of market. The VFR inspired looks of the motorcycle attracts a lot of attention and the comfort it offers is best in the segment. The problem with the CBR is its refinement.

The single cylinder 250cc liquid-cooled engine does not feel as refined as a Honda engine. The motorcycle was launched only on the developing markets like India and Thailand and the quality did not take the front seat during the development for sure. The engine feels harsh for a Honda product.

Benelli TNT300


The Benelli is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturer from Italy but recently, the ownership of the company changed to a China based group. The Benelli motorcycles, especially the tNT 300 has become very famous in India because of its looks, power and price. The problem faced by the owners include quality issues.

The motorcycle uses cheap parts to keep the cost low and that in turn shows in the long term ownership of the motorcycle. The Benelli also misses out of service network in India and a very limited spread in the country. Also, the motorcycle is shipped with soft compound tyres that causes frequent tyre punctures in the Indian conditions.