Here are some more cars that induce serious want!

Honda Jazz


The new Jazz may look as classy as the old one but sure it looks funky as hell. The third generation version of the Honda Jazz has been pimped up even more with performance parts maker, Mugen’s accessories. The car gets a body kit that makes it look even more sharp.


Along with all the visual updates, the car also receives more powerful 276 BHP turbo petrol engine fro Civic Type R. The hot looking Jazz also gets additional accessories like Forumla-1 styled rear emergency lamp, dual exhausts and a bigger roof mounted spoiler.

Toyota Corolla TRD


The TRD department of the Corolla showcased the modified version of the sedan at the SEMA show. The very subtle looking car receives an array of updates that make it look hot! The car receives a new body kit with extensions on front and rear bumper.


The car also gets multi spoke alloy wheels with low profile tyres. The ground clearance has been bought down to make it look even better! The Corolla is a simple looking car that does not get a second look but with the TRD kit, the Corolla has become hot and we all would like to see one on road.

Mini Superleggera

Mini Superleggera

The Mini is known for its iconic looks. The car with deep British roots has now received sensational vision concept known as Superleggera vision. The car pays homage to the golden age of motoring when the racing circuits were crowded like a picnic. The concept gets cutting edge technology. It is all-electric with the power figure unknown yet.


On the inside, the car gets a blend of traditional wood and leather along with aluminium to create a striking effect. The centre console of the MINI is made out of single aluminium sheet. The open roofed car is something that everyone will love to see on road just because of its beautiful design.

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross


The Isuzu V-Cross is one brute looking pick-up truck. The car is big enough to own the road and push smaller cars out of the way. The D-Max V-Cross also comes with ample potential to take on the off-road trails.

The concept seen here gets huge mud terrain tyres. The lift kit of minimum 6.5-inches make the car look like a monster truck. The pick-up truck also gets a new off-road bumper with tow hook at front. Taking the looks to next level are the snorkel and the huge auxiliary lamps at the front of the car.

Toyota Fortuner TRD


Toyota just launched the all-new Fortuner in India. The new car looks much more sleeker and butch than the first generation model. To make things better, Toyota gives an optional TRD kit its vehicles. The Fortuner’s TRD variant looks much better than the regular one.


The roof has been blacked out along with all the pillars, that really add to the character of the car. The wheels are of 20-inches and the bumpers have been redesigned to look much more aggressive than the current one. The SUV in this avatar also features a new muffler and a TRD badge on the tail gate.