Continued: 10 kinds of people who should NOT buy KTMs

Here are 5 more kinds of people who’re better off avoiding KTMs.

Want top-notch quality

The KTM motorcycles are made in India alongside the Bajaj models. The quality of the materials used in the KTM motorcycles is not exactly the best. A KTM can’t be compared to a Yamaha in terms of outright quality. The quality of the plastics used, switches and finishing of the motorcycles is way below par. The KTMs feel very raw and look like unfinished products.

Those who want sober designs

Continued: 10 kinds of people who should NOT buy KTMsKTMs don’t look sober (understated). They are designed with youngsters in mind, folks who want vibrant, loud and rebellious motorcycles. Even the paint jobs on most KTMs are properly brash, and ‘in yer face’, stuff that many older riders may not like.

To sum it up, there are riders who love to see beautifully designed machines in their garages and such riders may not really like the way KTMs look.

Those who can’t handle broken wheels

Continued: 10 kinds of people who should NOT buy KTMs

The KTM budget motorcycles like the 200 and 390 Duke and RC series are prone to a lot of quality issues but their Achilles heel lies in the alloy wheels. Budget KTMs have suffered from broken wheels quite a lot in the past. The alloy wheels of the motorcycle take very less effort to disintegrate. Many owners have reported broken wheel after riding through small potholes. The broken wheel can translate into major accidents that can also turn out to be fatal.

Weak clutch hand

Continued: 10 kinds of people who should NOT buy KTMs

The KTMs suffer from the really heavy clutch syndrome. Many owners complain about the stiffness of the clutch lever, which makes them uncomfortable after a short ride. Riding the KTM motorcycles in heavy traffic area that requires constant use of clutch can turn the riding experience into a bad nightmare.

Those who love refinement

Continued: 10 kinds of people who should NOT buy KTMs

KTMs have a very gruff character, and are vibey. Even at idle, KTMs can be ‘felt’ distinctively and many bikers don’t like this. These bikes aren’t meant for those who want butter smooth refinement from their rides. They’re better off buying inline twins.

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