Continued: 10 kinds of people who should NOT buy Royal Enfields

Here are five more kinds of people who should not buy Royal Enfields.

People who want quick acceleration and speed

Royal Enfield motorcycles are not made for speed. The sheer weight of the motorcycle makes it slow. Also, the Royal Enfield motorcycles do not offer a lot of power. Even their 499cc engine on the Classic 500 churns out a maximum of 27.2 BHP only.

Royal Enfield motorcycles are supposed to be cruisers. If you are buying any motorcycle from the brand, do not expect it to be a high-speed machine. They are supposed to be cruisers meant to be enjoyed at a relaxed pace.

People who want light bikes

Royal Enfield motorcycles are heavy, and they are not very maneuverable. Heavy REs need a lot more effort to change direction and accelerate. Lighter motorcycles are also much more fun to ride because they need much less energy. If you are looking for an easy motorcycle to ride, the Royal Enfield motorcycles are not the ones for you.

People who do not care about vintage looks

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The unique classic looks are what differentiates the Royal Enfield motorcycles from the rest. The Royal Enfield motorcycles are the cheapest ones to offer such vintage looks in the modern world. Royal Enfield charges their customers just for these unique characteristics. If you are someone who does not care about such vintage looks, move on, there are many other offerings in the market.

Want a well finished product

Royal Enfield Assembly Line

RE motorcycles are now made in modern assembly lines, yet the products are somehow not well finished. All the Royal Enfield motorcycles are said to be different from each other due to the misaligned parts or other such anomalies. If you are a perfectionist and want a product that will define you, the RE branded motorcycles are not for you.

People who want a bike with features they can actually use

Royal Enfield2

The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 still features an amp meter, which shows the voltage of the battery, something that has no use in the modern world. Similarly, the motorcycle vibrates so much on the higher speed that you cannot look in the rear view mirror, it is all blurred out. Also, Royal Enfield motorcycles have started featuring fuel injection but the system does not feature oxygen sensor that can properly alter the fuelling of the motorcycle. Yes, RE bikes do come with features but many of them are useless. If you want a motorcycle with usable features, RE is not the brand you are looking for.