Continued: 10 LUXURIOUS lounges from DC Design

Here are 5 more lounges from DC Design.

Renault Duster

dc 7

The Duster has been very popular, changing the fortunes for Renault in India. DC came up with a very well designed lounge based on the Duster. Unlike most lounges that have only been updated on the inside, this one has received a major makeover on the outside as well.

The lights have been replaced with LED units which give it a mean look. New foglamps and alloys have also been added. On the inside, there has been an addition of a lot of wood and leather, to give the people sitting a feel of opulence. There are individual captain seats at the back which can be electronically adjusted.

dc 6In addition to this, the front passenger seat folds down making it like a bed for the rear passenger. A tiltable LCD screen is on offer too. These modifications will set you back by Rs 3.5 lakhs

Nissan Evalia

The Evalia is a very comfortable vehicle, however it never appealed to most of the people. Due to its van like appearance, most people disliked it. While most of the lounges featued here have only two seats at the back, here is one that can seat 4 people. The lounge package for the Evalia will set you back by Rs 4.0 lakhs.

dc 5

It adds 4 custom seats at the back, which now face each other. All the seats are electronically adjustable and provide high levels of comfort. The interiors have been finished in leather and wood. To improve the ambience, the MPV now features a custom ambient lighting package and a moonroof.

Mercedes S-Class

dc 8

The S-Class is the epitome of luxury. However, that too can be made to be more plush on the inside. DC has done a lounge based on the S-Class too. This one includes a body kit, which is similar to the one offered on the S AMG. This makes the S look more sporty on the outside. On the inside, DC has gone in for red leather upholstery, which gives the car a premium feel.

dc 9

The rear armrest is now finished in a brushed wood finish, looking really nice. At the back, there are 2 huge screens that have been added to the rear part of the front seats for infotainment.

Toyota Hiace

dc 11

If you have travelled to any South East Asian country, you would have travelled in a Hiace. The Hiace is the largest van that Toyota sells. It is mainly known for the massive amount of space offered on the inside. If you want an ultimate 2-people lounge, this is certainly one you should look at. While the normal Hiace comes with multiple seating configurations, this one here gets only 2 individual seats at the back, each of which have extendable footrests, all electronically adjustable ofcourse.

dc 10

The cabin is filled with leather and wood and you can get a large TV screen at the back for entertainment. The best thing though is that DC has added a fully functional toilet to the back of the Hiace, which means that you can go on the go.

Isuzu Bus

dc 12

Those who have a lot of money and travel a lot by road, this Isuzu bus done by DC is the answer to what they have been looking for. It comes with 4 captain chairs, each one individually adjustable. They are separated by a central table, which makes it look like a conference room. There is a sofa that is also present if there are additional people to seat.

dc 13

In addition to this, there is a bedroom, which has the place for a full wardrobe as well as a 32″ LED TV. There is also a fully functional washroom with a shower. While the bus in itself will set you back not more than Rs 15 lakh, the whole modification process can cost close to Rs 50 lakh.