10 MEGA car mistakes you may be making even without your knowledge

Continued: 10 MEGA car mistakes you may be making even without your knowledge

Here are some more common mistakes you may be making unknowingly.

Wrong seat belt position


The correct way of using the three-point seat belt, which is standard with all the modern cars today is to make sure that they fall on your shoulder. Many people just wear the seat belt for the sake of the law. Many cars come with seat belt height adjuster, use the feature the make sure that the seatbelt falls on your shoulder and not on your neck or your arm.

In an event of accident, the seat belt makes sure that you stay in your position, not using them correctly will put excessive pressure on your neck or your arm causing injuries that may sometime lead to death.

Using clutch as your footrest

clutch pedal

Putting slightest of pressure on your clutch pedal can keep your clutch engaged. Many cars do not have dead pedal to rest your left foot and use the clutch pedal to rest their foot. This keeps the clutch partially engaged and it wears faster. Also, partially engaging the clutch means less fuel efficiency and less acceleration.

Using manual gear lever as a hand rest

gear lever

The manual gear lever may look all sturdy and delinked from the rest of the transmission but it has major negative effect on your car. The selector fork wears out quickly if you put any outside force on your gear lever. This damages the transmission selector components and brings down its life by a good margin.

Using reverse gear to stop the car

We have seen many people putting the car in reverse gear before the car stops completely or putting the car in first gear while the car is still reversing. The car wheels change directions when car goes from reverse to forward or the opposite. The clutch plate, which is connected to drive shaft still spins with the direction of the wheel even if the car is in neutral. When you select opposite direction car while the car is still in motion, it damages the transmission parts to a great extent.

Driving when the check engine light is on


Don’t ignore the signs given to you by the car. The engine light comes on only when there is a major fault in the engine. The check engine light should be taken very seriously and driving the car with the light on may permanently damage the engine. If you see the engine light on, tow your car to the local mechanic or call the mechanic at your place before driving it again.