Continued: 10 mindblowingly COOL things about Rolls Royce cars

Here are five more mindblowingly cool features about Rolls Royce cars.

A meter to tell you about un-utilised power

Reserve power

All the Rolls-Royce cars come powered by V12 engines. The massive power from the engines can make the car to go very quick. So that the person in control knows exactly how much much is in reserve, Rolls Royce fit these reserve power meter in the cars. Tachometers are for lesser cars. Rolls Royce owners get special power reserve indicators.

Situated on the driver console, the dial shows the percentage of power utilised by the car at any given time. A computer calculates the whole output and then displays the power utilisation on an analogue dial. Maybe James Bond should dump Aston Martins for Rolls Royces to make his next getaway.

GPS-aided transmission

Rolls Royce corner

The Rolls Royce cars use mind boggling gear changing technique straight out from a sci-fi movie. The transmission known as SAT (Satellite-Aided-Transmission) of latest models like Wraith gets GPS reading and pre-changes the gear before it enters a curve or going on a slope to provide an exceptional experience to the driver.

Rolls-Royce cars use 8-speed dual clutch transmission. The second clutch positions itself to the lower or higher gear depending on the landscape. The first clutch simply disengages when the car reaches that spot, allowing the second clutch to seamlessly take over.

Infinite colour options

Rolls Royce Pink

No two Rolls-Royce cars are of same colours. That is a true saying because the British manufacturer offers bespoke customisation option to the customers. While the client can choose details like the colour of stitching and texture of wood for the interiors, the company offers an unlimited palate of colours for the exteriors. Each paint is made individually, and five layers of paint are used to give it a long lasting effect. Customers can choose colours like Bubblegum Pink if they so desire. Now beat that!

Auto-emptying ashtrays

Rolls Royce ash tray

All Rolls Royce cars come with a handcrafted ashtray to collect the waste of expensive cigars. The extraordinary ashtray of Rolls-Royce cars needs no attention. Every time the lid of the ashtray is closed, the cigarette butts and ash empties itself. That is like Magic!

The logos on wheels always stay in the “right position.”

Rolls Royce wheels

Rolls-Royce uses high-tech technology to keep the logos on the wheels in straight position. The logos are upright no matter how fast the car is travelling. The logos carry a mechanism with a lot of ball bearings and centre-weight so that the RR logo never suffers from the indignity of turning upside down.