Continued: 10 mods that could get your bike seized by the RTO

Here are some more modifications that could get you into big trouble.

Coloured lamps


There is a reason why headlamps are yellow light (shade of it), brake lamps are red and side indicators are orange. It is a standard by all the manufacturers across the world. It is there because red light has maximum wave length and can travel faster than the other shade of lights.

The red light is also an universal sign of warning or distress. Changing the red light of your brake can give wrong information to the other motorists and a major accident can happen.

Similarly, yellow light is the best light for headlamps because our eyes are used to the sunlight. Changing the colour of headlamps may look funky but it makes road less visible and will get your vehicle confiscated.

Pressure horns


The pressure horns are banned in India. Pressure horns operate at a very high level of noise. The extremely loud level of noise created by pressure horns can also cause loss of hearing. Such horns add to the noise pollution too.

Even if you do not use such pressure horns in traffic, just installing them on the vehicle is illegal enough to get your bike seized. Avoid them and go for OEM dual horns.

Engine swaps

egine swap

Engine swapps are very serious offences. The chassis of your motorcycle has been designed to hold one particular engine, its power, its weight and other things. Other crucial equipment like the wheels and the brakes are tuned for a certain speed.

If you change the engine of the motorcycle, you change the whole dynamics. Swapping the engine is banned in India and doing so will get your vehicle seized. Even if you are resurrecting a vintage motorcycle, the engine of the motorcycle should be revived and should not be swapped with any other engine.

Colour change


We understand that you want a unique wet brick red, soaked in soil colour for your motorcycle but if your RC says just red, you should stick to it. Having different colour on the RC and the motorcycle is illegal. There is a way around though.

You can get your motorcycle wrapped in your favourite colour. If you are adamant about getting the motorcycle a new paint job, make sure that you take RTO permission beforehand. Repainting with same colour is allowed.

HID without projectors

motorcycle hid bulbs bike hids ballasts xenon lights

High Intensity Discharge lamps are very powerful lamps and can potentially damage the eye sight of the onlooker. It is mandatory to install projector lens to focus the beam from the HID lamps. If police or RTO official finds out that the HID has been installed without any projector lens, the motorcycle will its way to the RTO’s vehicle pound.