Continued: 10 new ways to LOSE your driving license

Here are five more ways in which you can lose your driving license

Drive on the footpath

Continued: 10 new ways to LOSE your driving license

Most Indian footpaths would not be able to accommodate the cars but motorcyclists, beware. If you’re found taking the footpaths to skip a long red light while all the car drivers wait at one spot and wait for the signal to turn green, you are doing an offense.

The license can be taken for the same. Always use the road meant for motorists and not for the pedestrians.

Using pressure horns

Pressure horns cause serious noise pollution on the road. The government has banned the pressure horns from being used. If you’re found using any pressure horn or even if the pressure horn is installed in your vehicle, your license can be taken away from you. The same happens when you use multi-toned horns.

Lane splitting at high-speed zones

Continued: 10 new ways to LOSE your driving license

If you are a motorcyclist and love squeezing between the spaces, start keeping an eye on the speed limit and your speed. The lane splitting is only allowed in the zones which are under 40 km/h mark. That’s not all, if you are at more than 15 km/h faster than the other vehicles while overtaking them, you can be fined. It is not known how the speed will be measured with such accuracy but it is what the rule says.

Not giving way to ambulances

Continued: 10 new ways to LOSE your driving license

Not giving way to the ambulances is a serious offense and the cops do not take it lightly. Many ambulances are now equipped with cameras that record the movement of the vehicle ahead. If the car in front is found to be blocking the way, the cops can challan you and take the license from you.

Racing on public roads

Racing should be limited to the private tracks. If you’re found racing on the public roads, strict action will be taken against you. Always take your racing enthusiastic spirit to the track if you want to keep the license with you and drive legally on the road for time to come.


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