Continued: 10 reasons why bikers HATE car guys!

Here are five more reasons on why bikers hate the car guys.

Opening door without looking behind

Car guys often park their vehicles and open the doors without looking what is coming from behind. This habit is highly dangerous and at times causes serious accidents. A door suddenly opening leaves no time for reaction, causing the bikers to hit the door and hurt badly.

There have been incidents where such a habit has been fatal for the biker. Opening the door suddenly without checking the rear can also hurt pedestrians and can cause an accident with other vehicles.

Distractive driving

Continued: 10 reasons why bikers HATE car guys!

Car guys mostly use mobile devices while driving. The calls and texts make them distracted from the road. The distraction makes the already invisible bikers non-existent. Many accidents occur where distracted car driver hits the bikers and cause grave injuries.


Continued: 10 reasons why bikers HATE car guys!

Indian car drivers have a habit of tailgating vehicles. It becomes even more dangerous when car guys tailgate bikers. On roads, especially on the highways, car guys keep following the bikers closely. Such tailgating leads to severe crashes where the car guys hit the bikers from behind. Tailgating bikers do not always end well for the bikers.

Wrong overtaking and hustling bikers

Often, the guys in a bid to overtake other vehicles on undivided roads take the wrong carriage way and hustle the bikers. Due to the small size of bikes, the cars do not even think twice when they see bikes on the wrong side. It is always the bikers who have to move away from the right side for the cars coming on the wrong side. This is highly dangerous too.

High-speed overtaking without keeping any distance

Continued: 10 reasons why bikers HATE car guys!

This mostly happens on the highways when the car guys pass at extremely high speed without keeping any distance from the bikers. The turbulence created in the air can throw bikers off balance. Passing at such high-speed also startles the biker which can lead to accidents. Cars should always maintain speed limit or at least keep some safe distance from the vulnerable bikers while passing them high speed on the highways.

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