Continued: 10 reasons why car guys hate bikers!

Here are five more reasons on why car guys hate bikers.

Jumping dividers

Continued: 10 reasons why car guys hate bikers!

If there is not a break in the divider then it has been designed like that for a reason, right? No, bikers do not feel so. Many bikers just jump the dividers to take a turn, which is closed.

Jumping the divider hold up traffic on both sides of the road. It also causes a lot of chaos as no one expects a motorcycle to cross a divider and come on the other side. Sometimes, during traffic jams, bikers jump dividers and ride on the wrong side, causing a jam on the other carriageway too.

Changing lanes without indicating or looking behind

Continued: 10 reasons why car guys hate bikers!

Most bikers remove the rear view mirrors for the sake of aesthetics of the motorcycle. Such bikers tend to change lane without giving any indication to the vehicle behind. They do not even look behind to see if the lane is clear. It is highly dangerous as a high-speed vehicle may not slow down in time and hit the biker.

Chatting while riding

It is most annoying when two bikers ride slowly talking to each other. They take up the whole lane and hold up traffic behind. While there are many who ride in groups, nothing can beat the talking and riding bikers on the Indian roads.

Jumping queues and bunching at front

Continued: 10 reasons why car guys hate bikers!

Bikers love to go ahead and their urge to go ahead increases when the traffic signal turns red. Most bikers jump the queues during the red light and bunch up ahead. This causes a slowdown in traffic too. Most bikers also take the wrong side on the undivided roads to jump the queue.

Take the gap that cars leave between them

Continued: 10 reasons why car guys hate bikers!

Many bikers poke their front wheels in the gap left between two cars and take up the space left in between. It is extremely annoying and slows down the traffic massively. Bikers also change lane as soon as they see vehicles in the other lane are starting to move, which causes that lane to slow down even more.

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