Continued: 10 SMASHING modified cars from Motormind Automotive Designs

Here are 5 more smashers from Motormind.

Ford Endeavour

Motormind Ford Endeavour

The butch Endeavour gets a few bits and bobs to really stand out, but in a classy way. For starters, you have a Motormind body kit which includes a new front bumper chin with LEDs. Other changes to the front-end include a new grill and smoked out headlamps. The flanks get new wheel arches, larger tyres and alloy rims.  At the rear, the bumper gets an extension.

Mahindra XUV500

Motormind Mahindra XUv500

To make people take a second glance at an XUV is quite hard, what with so many of them on Indian roads. But this one will get more than its share of stares. A new front bumper, grille, a roof box, new headlamps and a new rear bumper with diffuser and a wide body kit are all changes aimed at grabbing eye balls. The party trick though is the black chrome wrap. That takes things to a different level altogether.

Honda Accord

Motormind Honda Accord

Indians love gold, on everything from iPhones to cars. This Honda Accord with a gold wrap from Motormind is something that’ll grab attention wherever it goes. Of course it’s loud, but for someone who wants attention, this is the perfect solution.

Chevrolet Cruze

Motormind Chevrolet Cruze

Gold too loud for your taste? Why don’t you try silver instead. Well, this chrome wrapped Chevrolet Cruze is Motormind’s take on keeping things slightly subtler, but only just. With the Cruze’s prodigious acceleration, this wrap is all it needs to go past like a blinding silver bullet.


Motormind Hyperion-1

And how can we forget the Hyperion-1, the design that put Motormind on the world map. Showcased at the Auto Expo 2016, this designed-and-built-in-India car is slated to go into serial production sometime next year. This sharp looker features a V6 petrol engine that drives the rear wheels. In short, it’s India’s answer to the KTM X-Bow.

Images courtesy Motormind