Continued: 10 STUPID car accessories that do more harm than good


Here are some more stupid accessories for cars, which do more harm than good.

Overhead LCD screens

LCD screen

Many cars have mini DVD players in the car for the entertainment of the passengers. The systems are placed in a way that they often obstruct the inner rearview mirror (IRVM). With movies and DVD players installed in the vehicle, the driver also gets distracted.

If the overhead LCD unit is placed behind the eyesight of the driver and on one side of the car, making sure that mirror is not getting obstructed, it may be a much safer option. Such accessories are best avoided for the cause of safety.

Poorly designed body Kits

body 16

A lot of vehicles have started showing up with body kits, and most of them are not even official accessories from the manufacturers or the tuners. Such poorly fabricated body kits can cause a lot of problems with the car. First of all, they alter the aerodynamics of the vehicle, and can cause it to lose fuel efficiency. Aftermarket body kits parts can also accumulate water and may cause severe rusting to the body of the car. The body kits in the regular cars do not have any effect on the performance of the car. They should be avoided or kept minimal. It’s best to go for OEM approved kits.

Seat covers on vehicles with side airbags

seat airbags

Many modern cars come with 6 or more airbags. Such vehicles are equipped with side airbags. The side airbags are placed inside the seat of many cars and putting a seat. In the event of a collision, the side airbags tear away a part of the seat to blow out quickly.

If there is a cover on the seat, the airbag may not function properly and cause damage to the person sitting on the seat too. Always check for airbags sign on the seat and the car manual to know where the airbags is located before putting up a seat cover on it.

Larger tyres

XUV500 with massive tyres

Bigger tyres do make the vehicle a bit more muscular and attractive, but they do more harm than good in the vehicle. While going a little upsize is alright and has a negligible effect, the tyres that are too big or wide from the stock ones may cause a lot of problems.

Larger tyres add more weight, which causes the vehicle to work more and lose power. Bigger tyres also increase the braking distance of the vehicle. You may also feel harder ride quality and inaccurate steering because of the wrong size. The speedometer also gives wrong readings with tyres of different size.

Extremely slammed rides

2002 Honda City VTEC Custom 6

Many cars in India gets lifted suspensions to keep up with road conditions in our country. While many people lower their vehicles to make it look cooler, some of them go extremely low. No doubt lowering a vehicle can improve the handling and the way it looks but keeping Indian road conditions in mind; such lowered vehicles may get heavily damaged.