Continued: 10 things that make the Dominar 400 the coolest Bajaj, ever!

Here are some more things that make the Dominar 400 the coolest Bajaj ever.

All-women assembly line

Continued: 10 things that make the Dominar 400 the coolest Bajaj, ever!

The Dominar has started rolling off the assembly line and has also reached many dealerships across India. Talking about women empowerment, the bike is being rolled out from an assembly that is completely handled and operated by women workforce of Bajaj. It also makes it the first ever motorcycle in India that will be rolled out from such a special assembly line.

Powered by the KTM Duke 390

The Bajaj Dominar will draw power from an engine that has been derived from the KTM Duke 390. The high-performance engine will be retuned to fit the long-distance touring characteristics of the Dominar. It will also get the Bajaj’s patent triple-spark technology that will increase the fuel efficiency.

The engine will get a stronger low-end, which in turn will make the motorcycle cruising friendly.The maximum power will be limited to around 38 BHP as against the 43 BHP of the KTM 390 Duke but the fuel efficiency will go up incredibly.

The 373.27 cc engine will produce around 34 BHP of maximum power, against the 43 Bhp it produces on the 390 Duke. The torque output will be more than the KTM 390 Duke though. Also, the motorcycle will be much more fuel efficient than the 390 Duke.

Built similar to the concept

Continued: 10 things that make the Dominar 400 the coolest Bajaj, ever!

Seen above: Bajaj Pulsar 400 Concept at Auto Expo

The production version of the Dominar will be very close to the Pulsar  CS400 concept model that Bajaj showcased during the 2014 Auto Expo. Bajaj was very clear about the target audience from the start and did very minute changes to the production of the motorcycle. Only a few differences from the concept model are the replacement of telescopic forks instead of the upside down forks shown in the concept. Also, the instrument console has been updated to be more informative.

First Bajaj motorcycle directly targeted at Royal Enfield

Continued: 10 things that make the Dominar 400 the coolest Bajaj, ever!

Bajaj made it clear that the company is preparing a motorcycle to take on the Royal Enfield Himalayan. It will be first-ever Bajaj motorcycle that will be launched directly to counter the Royal Enfield motorcycle. The motorcycle will be classified as a touring motorcycle that will also make it the first motorcycle from Bajaj to be launched in this particular segment. Even though the Dominar will miss out on the “adventure” design, it will be capable enough to take on the long rides with ease.

Clean and green motorcycle

The Dominar will get BS IV compliant engine making it one of the first motorcycles in the market to follow the stricter emission norms that come to effect from April 2017. The bike will also get standard ABS, and am always-on headlamp feature as a part of the upcoming standard norms for the two-wheelers in India.

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