Continued: 10 things that separates Car PROs from ordinary drivers

Slowing down before hitting a patch of water

water 2

If you are driving in wet conditions or through a patch of water, it is a must to slow down and reduce speed. At high speeds, the risk of aquaplaning is higher because the grooves on the tyres are unable to displace water fast enough. Slowing down helps the tyre to remove more water thus helping you stay in control of your car.

Finish braking before obstacle or bump


People have a tendency to continue braking while on a speed bump or while going over rough stuff. However, that is not the right way to do it. Braking should ideally be done before the speed hump. Why?

While braking, the weight is shifted to the front of the car and the nose dives down. This means that the front suspension has been compressed. If you continue braking while climbing a speed hump, there is a possibility that the front end will touch it due to the compressing of the springs of the suspension. Also it makes the ride more comfortable since the suspension has settled down.

Avoid mid corner braking


If you see a corner coming, make sure you complete the braking before turning in. Why? The front tyres on a car do a lot, steering, braking and in most cases, transfer the power to the road (front wheel drive cars). If you happen to brake while cornering, the front wheels will be driving the car, steering and braking at the same time which means it will not turn effectively.

Also braking while turning unsettles the car as there is sudden weight transfer and makes the car understeer. So it is best to complete braking before turning. This will also help you accelerate out faster after the turn.

In case of a breakdown, keep the warning triangle 15-20 m away


This is something very important. In case of a break down, keep the warning triangle atleast 15-20 m away  from the spot and not just a few meters away. Why? Well a warning triangle with reflectors is to warn drivers that there is an obstacle up front and that they should take note of it and act accordingly.

If you place it just a few meters before, it will not give the driver enough time to reach and chances of him crashing into you will increase. Also, avoid putting stones or other such items behind the car. It will cause other drivers to lose control of their vehicle.

Avoid high-beam glare by focusing on the edge of the road

high beam

Most people in India drive with their high-beams turned on. As annoying as it is, it cannot be helped. The best way to avoid is to make sure you look away to the edge of the road to avoid the glare.

At the same time, you need to lift off and slow down because the forward vision has been reduced and some obstacle could come in the way. Also, turning on your high beam at him won’t do much good. As satisfying as it may feel, 1 dazzled driver is better off than 2 dazzled drivers, both of which who can’t see the road.