Continued: 10 things you don’t know about Honda CR-V Diesel

Here are five more things that you do not know about upcoming Honda CR-V diesel.


Continued: 10 things you don’t know about Honda CR-V Diesel

The all-new CR-V becomes a bit larger than the current generation CR-V. The larger size also means 41mm increase in the wheelbase. The extra wheelbase accommodates the third row.

Also, Honda has used its “Man maximum, machine minimum” philosophy to smartly package the interior of the CR-V. The legroom and the headroom of the front and second-row passengers have also increased.

More efficiency with automatic shutter grille

The all-new CR-V comes with active shutter grille system. It comprises of a number of fins placed over the radiator grille. The shutter grille opens or shuts depending on the cooling needed by the engine. When the grille closes down, the car produces less drag, and it increases the fuel efficiency considerably in the all-new CR-V. The diesel engine comprised with the automatic shutter grille will make the CR-V quite fuel efficient.

And gets more high-tech features

Continued: 10 things you don’t know about Honda CR-V Diesel

Honda has loaded the all-new CR-V will quite a long list of features. The feature list includes a remote controlled engine start that can start the engine and cool down the vehicle. The CR-v also gets a new 7-inch touchscreen system that gets Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support with inbuilt navigation and voice commands. The car also gets electric parking brake replacing the foot operated parking brake in the current CR-V. Other features include USB charging ports in the second row, active noise cancellation, dual-zone climate control, electric power seats at the front.

Launch in 2018

The all-new CR-V is expected to be unveiled at 2018 Auto Expo. Later in the year, Honda will launch the vehicle in India. CR-V was officially unveiled in 2016 globally and will be launched in 2018 in India.

Competitive pricing

Continued: 10 things you don’t know about Honda CR-V Diesel

In an interview to Livemint, a Honda spokesperson said that the all-new CR-V would get about 60-55% localisation that will have a direct effect on its pricing. With the extra features, the new CR-V may not get much of a price increase from the current generation vehicle. It will put it in a competitive position against the Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner in India.

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