10 things you DON'T know about the Hyundai Creta

Continued: 10 things you DON’T know about the Hyundai Creta

Truly Indian

Hyundai Creta Compact SUV 5

Hyundai began the Make in India initiative quite early. With the Creta, the company has managed upto 90% localisation, which is a big amount. While the Creta is priced at a premium in the Indian market, a lot of the parts are made in India, thus making it a truly Indian product.

Has segment first features

creta 6 airbags

When it was first introduced, the Creta managed to have a lot of features that weren’t offered by the competition. Even now, the trend continues. The Creta is the only vehicle to have 6 airbags, gets Apple Car play along with Android Auto ( S-Cross only gets Apple Car play currently), internal memory for storing songs and rear AC vents.

Smaller than the Duster


While the Creta is quite big when you look at it, it happens to be smaller than the Duster in all dimensions. While the Creta is 4,270 mm long, the Duster is 4,315 mm long. In terms of width, the Duster is 1,822 mm wide while the Creta is 1780 mm. In terms of wheelbase as well, the Creta is 2,590 mm while the Duster is 2,673 mm. Over all, the Duster is bigger in all dimensions when compared with the Creta.

Misses out features that the i20 has

2017 Hyundai Elite i20 Interiors

Yes, there are a few things that the i20 gets that the Creta misses out on. For starters, the Creta doesn’t have automatic headlights, an auto dimming mirror, automatically folding mirrors when you lock the car and an advanced MID system. It looks like the i20 is very well loaded.


Hyundai Creta 1

The Creta offers a warranty of 3 years or unlimited km, a segment first. This goes to show the confidence the company has on the product. While other brands offer extended warranty as well, no brand offers unlimited km as an option, which makes this unique.