Continued: 10 things you DON’T know about the new Ford Ecosport

Here are five more things that you do not know about upcoming Ford EcoSport

Better headlamps

Continued: 10 things you DON’T know about the new Ford Ecosport

The 2018 Ford EcoSport gets bigger headlamps than the current model. The compact SUV will also get bi-xenon projector headlamps and integrated DRLs. The new headlamp is meant to improve night-time visibility for the driver.

Currently, the EcoSport has the fog lamps act as DRLs while there is an element under the headlamp that is nearly invisible during the daytime. The new vehicle will have stronger, integrated DRLs giving it more character.

Intelligent space management

Ford’s said to have really worked on increasing the space available inside the vehicle through intelligent packaging. Apart from the numerous cubby holes on the door and the between the front two seats, Ford has added a new shelf above the glove box to keep phones and other things. Even the glove box gets partition between the cooled space and regular space.

Premium interiors

Continued: 10 things you DON’T know about the new Ford Ecosport

The new EcoSport will get new dual-tone interiors. The dashboard and the door panels will get a beige and black combination, unlike the current model which gets all-black colour. The dual colour is expected only in the higher-end variants and not in the base trim. The new EcoSport will also get beige leather seat unlike the black ones in the current model.

New audio system

Ford has upgraded the audio system of the new EcoSport with new 675-watt speakers from Bang & Olufsen. The 10-speaker system supplied by Harman will replace the current Sony speakers. However, only the top-trims will get the 10-speaker system. Lower end models will continue to come with a 2-DIN audio system with regular speakers.

Launch in September

Continued: 10 things you DON’T know about the new Ford Ecosport

Ford is testing the vehicle relentlessly in India. The launch, however, will happen in September. The EcoSport’s launch date will be near to the launch of the Tata’s sub 4-meter compact SUV, Nexon. Ford may start taking booking before that for the vehicle.

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