Continued: Car Hacks that will make your life much easier

Continued: 20 Car Hacks that will make your life much easier

Here are 20 car hacks that will make your life simpler.

Shed the weight

A lighter car will be much more efficient than a heavy vehicle. Keep your car free of unnecessary items. Keep looking in the boot and the rear seats to regularly clean the vehicle. According to a study, a car which is 45 kg lighter will get 2% extra mileage.

Prepare your vehicle before turning on AC


If your car was parked under the sun for a long time, chances are the interiors will be very hot. One effective way of cooling down the car is to recycle the air. One easy way of doing this is to open one window of the vehicle and then open and close the opposite door of the vehicle for a few times. This will make sure that the car gets fresh air. Drive for a minute with all the windows open and then start the AC to ensure effective cooling.

Get rid of a smell

A car is a small confined place. It is easy for a smell to stay inside for a very long time. To remove the smell, you can use baking soda power. Sprinkle the soda power on the floor and fabric seats. Leave it overnight. Baking soda will absorb all the smell. Clean the interiors with a vacuum cleaner. It will give you fresh smelling interiors.

Know the location of the fuel tank

Fuel indicator

Have you ever been in a situation while driving a friend’s car or a new vehicle that you did not know about the location of fuel cap? It happens often. One easy hack to know the location of the fuel cap without getting out of the car is check the fuel indicator. Most vehicles have an arrow showing which side the fuel cap is located.

A failed radiator

If you are stuck somewhere away from the civilisation, and the car temperature is rising quickly due to failed radiator, there is a quick way out of it. Open all the windows of the vehicle and put your car in the heater mode. The heater will suck in the heat from the engine keeping it cool till you reach the service station.

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