Here are 20 car hacks that will make your life simpler

Keep the windshield sparkling clean

Wiper Fluid

The easiest way to keep the windshield clean is to add some mild detergent to the wiper fluid tank. This soapy water will be sprayed on the windshield every time you want it clean. You can even add class cleaning fluids to the water tank to get the same effect.

Click a picture of your parked car


While parking your car in a mall or a public parking, make sure that you click a picture of it. This solves two purposes; it will help you with the location if you have parked the vehicle in a basement where GPS does not usually work. Clicking picture will also help you to claim any damage that may have happened to your car in the parking.

Coast to increase fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency can be increased very quickly by driving the vehicle with a lighter foot. Do not step on the gas pedal every time you accelerate. Also, if you see a red light from a distance, you can put the car in neutral and coast to the red light. This will put no effort in the engine and will help you to save fuel. Always remember that coasting can be dangerous unless you are very alert, and also on hill / mountain roads.

Keep your tyre pressure gauge

Tyre change

Maintaining optimum tyre pressure is critical for safety and mileage of the vehicle. Most of the tyre pressure gauges used at the fuel pumps or roadside tyre shops are faulty. Keep a small gauge to make sure that your tyres are at the perfect pressure always. Also, fill the air in the tyres only after 30 mins or more after driving. If the tyres are warm, they will give you a false reading.

Roll down the windows

If the weather is pleasant and you can afford to turn off the AC, do so to increase the fuel efficiency. Air conditioning uses a lot of energy, and it has a direct effect on your car’s mileage. Keeping the windows rolled down till 80 km/h will save a lot of fuel. Above the speed of 80 km/h roll up the windows and use the AC as the wind causes more resistance and brings the mileage down.

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