Continued: 20 ‘FORGOTTEN’ motorcycles & scooters from Bajaj: Enduro SX to Legend

11. Bajaj Eliminator

The Bajaj Eliminator became the first-ever cruiser motorcycle from Bajaj Auto Ltd. Basically a Kawasaki model, it came with a 173.9cc single-cylinder engine that produced a maximum power of 15.2 bhp. The Eliminator went on to give birth to the Avenger series that is still on sale today.

12. Bajaj XCD 125


Bajaj XCD 125 played second-fiddle to the Discover series. It was cheaper, offered less power but was more affordable. It was powered by a 124.58 cc, single cylinder engine that produced 9.4 BHP at 7000 rpm and 10.85 Nm at 5000 rpm. It had a claimed top speed of 90 kmph.

13. Bajaj Legend

bajaj legend image


The Bajaj Legend became the first-ever 4-stroke scooter from Bajaj. Its claim to fame was its stylish design and a sufficiently powerful engine. The motor displaced 145.5cc and generated 9 Bhp – 10.8 Nm.

14. Bajaj Caliber

bajaj caliber 115 pic


The Bajaj Kawasaki Caliber offered a good mix of style, performance, and mileage. It came with an all-aluminum 111.6cc air cooled 4-stroke engine that was developed with assistance from Kawasaki. It tasted moderate success.

15. Bajaj Wind


The Bajaj Wind was a stylish 125cc bike for the commuter segment. The bike was a good combination of style, power, and fuel economy, Bajaj used the technology of Kawasaki to produce the 125cc 4-stroke engine as earlier the Bajaj and Kawasaki launched the same bike as

16. Bajaj KB100 RTZ

bajaj kb 100 rtz image


The Bajaj KB 100 RTZ was powered by a 99.7cc, 2-stroke engine that offered a good mix of performance and mileage. The KB100 had the longest wheelbase in its category.

Image- moto.zombdrive

17. Bajaj KB125

The Baja KB125 was basically a more powerful version of the KB100. It looked a lot like its predecessor, with the only difference arising out of new graphics. It was launched to rival the likes of Suzuki Shaolin and Yamaha RX135. While it wasn’t as thrilling to ride as its adversaries, it did offer slightly better mileage.

18. Bajaj SX Enduro

Bajaj SX Enduro

The Enduro was basically a version of the KB100 RTZ. While the Enduro looked a lot like an off-road bike, it came with the same engine and suspension as the RTZ.

19. Bajaj 4S Champion

bajaj 4s champion image


The Bajaj Kawasaki 4S Champion came with a 99.3cc aluminum air cooled 4-stroke engine that featured Kawasaki’s R.A.C.E technology. The engine offered a high mileage and a decent power output (for its time) of 7 Bhp at 8500 RPM.

Image- Bajaj club

20. Bajaj Pulsar 200 DTSi

bajaj pulsar 200 dtsi

The Bajaj Pulsar 200 was easily among the most fun bikes in its segment. The Pulsar 200 made its debut alongside the 220 DTS-Fi and went on to become the choice of many thrill-seekers. The P200 became one of the first oil-cooled bikes from Bajaj. It even became one of the only few bikes in the market to have features like a digital speedo console, split seats, clip-on-style handlebar, and a wide 120-section rear tire.