Continued: 25 automatic cars for under Rs. 10 lakhs

Hyundai i20


The i20 recently got an automatic version, however it is priced on the higher side. The main reason behind that is that the i20 automatic is offered on only the 1.4 liter engine, which means it looses out on the excise benefit. That is also the reason why it is only offered on the lower spec Magna trim. Price for the same is Rs 9.02 lakhs. The 1.4 liter unit produces 99 Bhp and 132 Nm and is mated to a 4-speed torque converter.

Hyundai Verna

VernaThe Verna is the only mid size sedan to offer an automatic gearbox on both the petrol and diesel version. However, it is only the petrol one that falls under the 10 lakh mark, starting at Rs 9.95 lakhs.

The petrol one is powered by a 1.6 liter unit which produces 121 Bhp and 155 Nm. This one is also mated to a 4-speed torque converte, similar to what is offered on the diesel version.

Nissan Micra


Nissan’s cute little hatchback is offered in automatic guise. The automatic in question is a CVT. The Micra is powered by a 1.2 liter unit which produces 76 Bhp and 104 Nm. This is only available on a single variant, the XV trim and is priced at Rs 6.86 lakhs.

Nissan Sunny


The Sunny  is also offered in an automatic variant. It is powered by a 1.5 liter unit which produces 98 Bhp and 134 Nm. The engine is  mated to a CVT box. The CVT comes only on the XV trim priced at Rs 10.95 lakhs.

Honda Brio

brio 11

The Brio, which was recently facelifted is also offered in automatic. Those looking for a small and cute looking hatch should consider this one. The AT comes only on the top of the line VX trim and is priced at Rs 6.82 lakhs. The engine is a 1.2 liter unit which produces 87 Bhp and 109 Nm. It is mated to a 5-speed torque converter.

Honda Amaze

2016 Honda Amaze Facelift

The Amaze is also offered with an automatic version, however this does differ from the one that is offered on the Brio. While the Brio gets a slushbox, the Amaze makes do with a CVT. It is on offer in multiple variants. Power comes from the same 1.2 liter engine that powers the Brio and pricing starts at Rs 7.43 lakhs.

Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz Hatchback 1

The Jazz is the cheapest car here that gets paddle shifters. It is powered by the same engine that does duty on the Amaze and also gets the same CVT box too. The Jazz CVT comes in two variants, the S and the V and prices start at Rs 7.62 lakhs.

Ford Figo and Aspire


Ford introduced the Figo and the Aspire with an automatic gearbox. The Figo thus becomes the cheapest car to be powered by a 6-speed dual clutch transmission. The DCT is offered on the 1.5 liter engine which produces 110 Bhp and 136 Nm. Pricing for the Figo starts at Rs 7.44 lakhs where as the Aspire is priced at Rs 8.29 lakhs. The best part is that this transmission has launch control.

Ford Ecosport

Ford Ecosport Black Edition

The Ecosport too comes with the same 1.5 liter engine with DCT that is offered on the Figo and the Aspire. It is available on the the Titanium trim level with prices starting at Rs 9.80 lakhs.

Mahindra TUV300  and Nuvosport


The TUV and Nuvosport are compact SUVs from the Mahindra stable. Both of them share the same engine and transmission. While the TUV does have the option of 2 states of tune, the Nuvosport only comes in  the more powerful guise. The vehicles are powered by the 1.5 liter engine which can produce either 100 Bhp and 245 Nm or 81 Bhp and 230 Nm (TUV) based on the trim chosen. The TUV starts at Rs 9.11 lakhs where as the Nuvosport starts at Rs 9.32 lakhs.

VW Polo GT TSi

polo gt tsi

This is among the most fun to drive hatches under the Rs 10 lakh mark to have an automatic transmission. The GT is powered by a 1.2 liter turbo petrol engine that produces 103 Bhp and 175 Nm. The engine is mated to a 7-speed DSG. The GT TSi is priced at Rs 9.04 lakhs.

VW Ameo

ameo d 17

This brings us to the Ameo, which we recently drove (Link). The Ameo TDi comes with the 7-speed DSG. The engine in question is the 1.5 liter unit which makes 109 Bhp and 250 Nm. This is the only compact sedan to offer a dual clutch transmission in diesel guise.

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