5 car features you absolutely need, and 5 you don't

Continued: 5 car features you absolutely need, and 5 you don’t

What you don’t really need…

Push button start

Engine Start Stop

This feature adds sophistication to your car as you can walk into the car without having to bring your key out. Once inside, you don’t need to insert the key into the ignition slot to start the car and drive off. Yes, you’ll look like James Bond with this feature, but this feature isn’t really a deal breaker. It’s good to have, but not really worth the steep premium that most car makers charge for it.

Automatic climate control

Automatic Climate Control

Here is another feature that’s meant to make people lazier. A regular air conditioning system works quite well, and keeps the driver alert. An automatic climate control reduces work for the driver, but adds a lot of complexity and cost. This is one feature that most cars can do without, and you won’t even realize what you’re missing. So there, automatic climate control automatically goes to the “not really necessary” list.

Automatic headlamps

Automatic Headlamp Stalk

How much effort does it take to flick on the headlamps when it gets dark? Well, some people think that it’s too much effort. Manufacturers are only willing to play ball by adding automatic headlamps to the equation, and of course charge a pretty packet for it. An automatic headlamp adds complexity for a function that can easily be achieved manually. And it’s more expensive to fix when broken.



India isn’t Europe, and pollution levels in some of the bigger cities are among the highest in the world. We have the sun out for most parts of the year, and for the most time, it’s uncomfortably hot. So, why have a sunroof at all? For people to hang out of it, and generally make a mess of the feature. This added complication will set you back by a few tens of thousand, and in some cases a couple of lakhs.

Beige interiors

Beige Interiors

Beige interiors add premiumness to a car. There’s no denying this but in India, beige interiors also add a component of extra maintenance. Beige interiors aren’t suitable for dusty and grime climes, in other words, India. Beige interiors get soiled very easily and maintaining them is a pain for most people who prefer to take care of their cars themselves. This feature is best avoided.