Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China

Geely Merrie 300 vs Mercedes Benz C-Class

Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China The Mercedes C Class was the entry level sedan for the brand till the CLA came along. Since the brand image of the three pointed star has always been very aspirational, people work very hard to get one. If you are from China, you don’t have to worry much though. Instead of spending a lot of money on the C Class, you can have a Merrie 300, which is a complete Mercedes C Class look a like. It even has the bonnet logo, the same headlamps, the grill and the over all design.

BYD T6 vs Porsche Cayenne

Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China The Cayenne is Porsche’s first SUV. When it was introduced, it was regarded as one of the sportiest SUVs in the world. There have been a few clones of the Cayenne in the Chinese market. Here is one more, the BYD T6. This one is based on the facelifted version of the first generation vehicle. It looks exactly the same as the Cayenne from the front. The only difference being that the BYD badge sat on the grill instead of the Porsche logo on the bonnet.

Sozhou Eagle Carrie vs Ferrari California T + Porsche Cayman

Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China The California is currently the smallest and the cheapest Ferrari on sale in the world. If you cannot afford that and still want a vehicle that will look like one, the Carrie is your best bet. The Eagle Carrie is an electric vehicle which has the headlights and grill borrowed from the Ferrari California T. According to the company,the vehicle is capable of doing 0-100 in just 4.8 seconds which is really quick. However we’d have liked if they had been more original with their design. Come around to the side and what you see is that the Ferrari design has disappeared and has been replaced with that of a Porsche Cayman. So people at the back will think you have a Porsche and the people you are following will think you have a Ferrari.

Youxia X vs Tesla Model S

Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China Tesla has been a brand that has really changed the way people drive. Though they started small with the Roadster, ever since they have made the Model S and subsequently the Model X, they have become extremely famous all over the world. In a bid to look cool, a company called  Youxia has copied the design of the Model S and has used it for their sedan, called the X. It has the same large grill like the Tesla does and even has the same side profile. It is only the rear end that differs.

Shanxi Victory Jinchi X1 vs Cadillac Escalade EXT pickup

Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China Cadillac is a high end brand which most older people will associate with. The American market loves the Escalade. The vehicle is very famous all over the world also due to its massive size. The Chinese also love the vehicle. The pick up version of the Escalade has been cloned and is on sale in the Chinese market. Called the Victory Jinchi X1, the vehicle looks exactly the same as the EXT. The only differences being the lack of chrome and the fact that the Cadillac logo had to be replaced with the Shanxi logo.

Laibao SRV vs Honda CR-V

Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China The Laibao SRV is China’s Honda CR-V. Some companies take design ideas and try to replicate them, Laibao on the other hand liked the CR-V so much that they decided it was the exact same car that they wanted. So, they began by taking the name, then the whole front-end of the car & then the whole rear end as well. The side profile varies just a little & that’s about it.

Dadi Shuttle vs Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China Like the SRV, the Shuttle too is a complete copy of the Land Cruiser Prado. The Shuttle has the exact same headlamps & a similar front end design. The tail lamp cluster too is a copy. The only design element having some difference is the side profile, where Dadi couldn’t integrate the design as well as Toyota.

BAIC BJ80 vs Mercedes G Class

Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China The Mercedes G Wagon has been around for more than 30 years now. The vehicle is an icon & hasn’t been changed much since it has been unveiled. The Chinese decided that they too wanted to have a such a car in their portfolio. So the BAIC BJ80 was conceived. The BJ80 has the same boxy design & similar styling elements as the G Class. Be it the square head lamp housing with the round lamps or the rectangular tail lamps on the bumper, the car is a complete copy.

BAIC BC301z vs Mercedes B Class

Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China The Mercedes B Class itself wasn’t a very successful model. The Chinese for some reason thought that a copy of the B Class would be a good idea & the BAIC BC301Z was born. Though BAIC is one of the Chinese partners of Mercedes Benz, they still decided that they wanted their own model similar to the B Class.