Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China

This is a continuation of the previous two stories that we have done on the copy cat cars. Looks like there were more. Here are 10 more Chinese clones.

Mingjun M3 S1 vs Land Rover Freelander 2


freelander 2

It looks like the Chinese love JLR’s design so much that they just want to make their cars look like them. Some use other cars as inspiration. These people have taken it to an all new level. The Mingjun M3 S1 looks so much like the Freelander 2. The front grill, the overall profile and the rear design, all are taken from the Freelander 2. A company called Landwind has already copied the Evoque as well.

Diablo VT vs Lamborghini Diablo



No, you read the title right. There is a company called Diablo in China that has produced a car called the VT, which looks identical to the legendary Diablo. The company claimed to be the first supercar builder of China. People who aren’t attentive can easily mistake the VT as the actual Diablo as the copy has been done very accurately. Powering the VT is a Toyota V8 that produces 450 Bhp.

CH Auto Lithia vs Audi R8


The Lithia is an electric EV concept that was shown at the Beijing Motorshow. The company claims that the car has a range of 150 kms. The reason why the car is on this list is because of its resemblance to the Audi R8. Look at it side on and it will only remind you of the R8. The side fins and the roof design have been totally copied from the R8.

BAIC X424 vs Jeep Wrangler

baic x wrangler

The Chinese really like global SUVs from the looks of it. They like them so much that they build their own iteration to look exactly like their international counterpart. The Wrangler too hasn’t been spared. The X424 is what the Chinese Wrangler looks like. The whole design is a copy of the Wrangler. Only minor details have been changed but overall, the profile and the look are just like that on the Wrangler.

Kawei F-150 vs Ford F-150


Kawei K1 pickup truck - Chinese Ford F-150 Clone - 01

Copying a car is one thing. Copying the car and the name is taking it to an all new level. Kawei, a Chinese company has come up with a F-150 copy and have called it the F-150 also. Where the F-150 is one of the most popular trucks in the US, this one will certainly not do so well. However, it is tough to tell them apart if all the badges are removed. The copied F-150 is powered by a 2.4 liter petrol engine making 141 Bhp or a 3.2 liter six cylinder diesel engine making 106 Bhp.

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JAC A6 vs Audi A6

a6 copy

Like the F-150, this company has also copied not only the car’s design, but the name as well. The JAC A6 takes inspiration from the Audi A6. The headlamp shape, the grill look very similar to what is found on the A6 sedan. The interiors also are a complete copy. The gear lever, the MMi controls behind the gear lever and the whole design of the dashboard look just like that on the Audi A6.

Zoyte Z100 vs Maruti A Star

zoyte a star

Here’s a car closer to our heart. The A Star was one of the very few Maruti’s that wasn’t popular. It never set the sales charts on fire. Even though it wasn’t such a popular car, Chinese manufacturer Zoyte has cloned the car and is selling it as the Z100. One look at it and it is tough for us to believe that this  isn’t an A Star. Everything has been blatantly copied, be it the overall design and even the lights. The Z100 is one of China’s cheapest cars and is powered by a 1.0 liter engine making 56 Bhp.

Leopard Q6 vs Mitsubishi Pajero


Mitsubishi Pajero SFX

While the Pajero was in the country for a long time, it was finally given a send off and was replaced by the Pajero Sport in 2012. However in China, a reincarnation of the Pajero is on sale. The Q6 from Leopard is nothing but a Pajero which has been tweaked a little here and there. Even the interiors are the same as that on the Pajero, except the fact that the Q6 gets a touch screen system as opposed to the 2-din unit on the Pajero we had.

BYD S8 vs Mercedes CLK


Though the CLK never made it to India, its styling can be easily identified with. BYD made their own coupe, the S8 which looks strikingly similar to CLK. The headlamps, the grill and the whole front end looks so like a copy and paste from the CLK. Where the CLK is a good looking coupe, the S8 looks out of place as the proportions aren’t right. If they really had to copy the design, maybe they should have gone the extra mile and copied the size and proportions as well.

Beijing Auto Shenbao D320 vs Mercedes E Class


The Mercedes E Class is a well known car and is well respected all over the world. Also, the Mercedes brand name has some kind ring to it. So what if you want a Mercedes like sedan buy cannot afford to buy one? Well the Chinese have come up with a solution for that as well. Meet the D320, the Chinese look a like of the Mercedes E Class. The bonnet crease line, the grill design and also the waist line of the car are very similar to what is on the actual E Class. Though the headlamps have not been copied, the LED theme has been carried forward.

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