Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China

In continuation with our copy cat cars story, here is the fourth edition. And the copycat cars from China just don’t seem to stop.

Dongfeng EQ2050 M3D vs Hummer H2

Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China

Hummer is an iconic company and when it was still alive, it built the most massive and bad ass SUVs for the civilian market. Hummer wasn’t on sale in many countries though. If you were in China and wanted a Hummer H2, you could settle in for the cheaper EQ2050 M3D.

Yes, it has a massive name but once you get past that, you will be impressed by how much it looks like the real thing. The bonnet scoop, the small headlamps, the side profile and even the straight rear end with the tail lamp cluster looks borrowed from the H2 and H3.

Zhejiang Jonway UFO vs Toyota RAV 4

Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China

The RAV 4, though not sold in India is a mini 2-door SUV. When the vehicle was in its second generation, a company called Zhejiang cloned the vehicle to produce their derivative, the Jonway UFO.

As weird as the name might sound, the vehicle is a complete copy of the RAV 4. From the whole design theme to even the headlamps and side profile, the vehicle is a ditto copy of the RAV 4. Sadly Toyota could do nothing about it and when they began selling cars in China, the RAV 4 costed 300,000 yuan where as the UFO costed 90,000 yuan.

Gonow GX6 vs Range Rover Sport

Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China

If you thought only the older Range Rover was cloned, you were mistaken. Not only has the Evoque also been cloned but also the Range Rover Sport as well. Looks like the Chinese really like their Range Rover’s to be cheap.

Though the headlamps look more like the Evoque, the overall design theme is similar to that on the Range Rover Sport, even the dual colour option that can be seen on the GX6. It costs 1/10th of the price of the actual Sport. It is powered by a smaller 2.4 liter petrol and a 2.0 liter diesel. This certainly won’t drive as well or tackle the rough stuff as well either.

Huanghai NCV vs Lexus RX

Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China

Lexus is a brand that is very popular in the US. A high end vehicle with the bullet proof Japanese reliability is a win win situation right? If you are in China and want a Lexus look a like, the NCV is the vehicle of choice.

The NCV’s rear end has been taken directly from the Lexus RX SUV. So people tailing you will surely believe that it is the Lexus you own, unless they come close and see the badging. The best way to prevent that is to use it debadged so people will certainly believe you own a Lexus then.

Hongqi LS5 vs Old Range Rover Vogue

Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China

The Range Rover Vogue is the S Class of SUVs. If someone is on the look out for a comfortable and luxurious SUV that can take them anywhere, the Range Rover is what they would choose. If you’re in China and cannot afford it, well you can look at the LS5 instead then.

The LS5 borrows the rear end design from the Range Rover Vogue. Luckily though the split tailgate feature hasn’t been copied though. Even other design cues look borrowed from the Rangie. Under the hood there is a twin turbo V8 making 380 Bhp and 530 Nm which is not bad.

Image source: Link 1, link 2

Shuanghuan SCEO vs BMW X5

Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China

When BMW launched the X5, it was one of the very first SUVs that drove like a car. Though it wasn’t a very good looking car, the Chinese had their avatar of the X5. Called the SCEO, it has the same rear tail lamp cluster & a similar side profile. The front end looks more like the CR-V.

Yema T-SUV vs VW Tiguan

Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China

Looks like the Chinese love VW SUVs. After having copied the larger Touareg, it is now time for the smaller Tiguan. Chinese company Yema built their new SUV, the T-SUV which is a blatant copy of the Tigaun. The front end & the body style is borrowed from the Tiguan  & the rear end from the Touareg.

Yema F16 vs Audi A4 Avant

Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China

As wacky as the name ‘F16’ might sound, the car is quite the opposite. So the F 16 is an estate. Take one good look at it & the first thing that’ll come to your mind is the fact that this is a re-badged Audi A4 Avant. Yema claims that the car is inspired by the A4. We feel they took inspiration to an all new level. Such is the level of copying that they did not even spare the design element inside the head lamp cluster or the tail lamp cluster for that matter.

Zoyte T700 vs Porsche Macan

Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China

The baby Porsche SUV is a good looking & a good pick if you are the sort who drives yourself & rear room doesn’t matter to you. Here’s Zoyte’s take on it. The T700 is looks just like the Macan. They managed to elongate the front headlamps a bit & change the shape of the grill, and that’s about it. The whole silhouette resembles that of the Macan. At the back, the tail lamp cluster design too looks like a copy.

Image Source: Yema T