Continued: 50 Copy cat cars from China

The Chinese are well known for making imitations of all sorts of products and selling them at a cheaper rate. From a fake watch to a fake phone, they do it all, so how can the cars be left behind?

LandWind X7 vs Range Rover Evoque

x7 range rover

In the first glance, the X7 will come across to most unsuspecting people as a Range Rover Evoque. It is only when you look at a few details that you can tell it apart. The coupe like profile, the headlamp design as well as the tail lamp design are very similar to that on the Evoque. It costs 1/3rd of the Evoque. So if you want a cheap Evoque looking knock-off, this is the car for you.

Geely GE vs Rolls Royce Phantom


How can the opulant Rolls Royce be left behind? The Geely GE is the Chinese imitation of the prestigious Rolls Royce Phantom. Geely have taken design copy to an all new level with the GE. So the large grill, the head lamp design & they have even got a copy of the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’. In terms of fire power, where the Roller gets a massive 6.75 liter V12, the Geely makes do with a 3.5 liter V6. But i guess that would do, since its only the looks that would attract you to something like this.

Lifan 330 vs Mini Cooper 5-door


Well this is what happens when you want a Mini Cooper styled car for a lot less money. The Lifan 330 borrows both interior & exterior styling cues from the Mini. The headlamp & tail lamp design as well as the overall design look very similar to that on the Mini Cooper 5 door.

Brilliance V5 vs BMW X1


Brilliance is BMW’s Chinese partner. So when the X1 went on sale in China, it was in partnership with Brilliance. So it comes as a surprise that the company got their own version, the V5 that looked very similar to the X1. However, the V5 is a lot cheaper for obvious reasons.

Hawtai B35 vs Porsche Cayenne


While in first glance, the B35 will not come across as the Cayenne, but come around to the side and you will understand why this car is on this list. The company partnered with Hyundai to produce cars for the Korean manufacturer in China. The B35 has the under-pinnings of the 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe. Where the Cayenne has good powerful engines on offer, this clone only has a 1.8 liter (158 bBhp) turbo petrol & a 2.0 liter (148 Bhp) turbo diesel on offer.

Shuanghuan Bubble vs Smart ForTwo


Yes, someone has actually gone ahead and named a car ‘Bubble’. As amusing as the name might sound, the car in question isn’t. The Bubble is a copy of the Smart ForTwo. But the Bubble shines out by offering 4 seats. The car has a chassis based on the Suzuki Alto.

Zotye T600 vs VW Touareg


The T600 takes inspiration from the VW Touareg. Especially in the signature brown colour, the T600 looks a lot like the Touareg up front. In the rear 3 quarter view however it seems to look like the Audi Q5.

Cherry QQ vs Deawoo Matiz


The Chinese didn’t even spare the cheap cars. For some reason, they took so much liking to the Deawoo Matiz that they reproduced it in the form of the Cherry QQ.

Sozhou Eagle Carrie vs Porsche Cayman


Sports cars too haven’t been left behind. The Eagle is a copy of the Ferrari up front and a Porsche Cayman at the back. The car is an electric one and was designed to showcase China’s expertise in producing an electric sports car. The company has gone a step further and copied Porsche’s logo as well.

Dong Feng Motors EQ2050 HMV vs AM General Humvee


This copying isn’t only of normal cars & suvs, but of military vehicles too. The HUMVEE is one of the most famous military vehicles of the current times. So it obviously couldn’t be left behind now, could it?

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