Continued: 6 car accessories that do more harm than good

Continued: 6 car accessories that do more harm than good

Body kits on low cars

Honda Brio bodykit

Body kits on already low slung cars are inviting trouble, especially in a country such as India where roads are less than perfect. Then you also have to deal with improperly designed parking ramps, speed breakers and their ilk. Adding a body kit to such cars only reduces the ground clearance, approach and departure angles. This is exactly not what you want on Indian roads where most car owners are constantly seeking ways to make most of their rides’ ground clearances.

Tuning box

Racechip tuning box

A tuning box basically fools a diesel car’s injectors into dumping more fuel into the engine. Since a diesel engine has the capacity to burn the extra fuel to make more power and torque, the tuning box is a favoured go-faster option among those who want to go fast on a budget. Some tuning boxes even control the boost that the turbocharger generates, again to increase power and torque. The end result can be many thousand kilometers of boosted performance, but this comes with a cost. Lower engine life and reliability are a couple of such consequences. And if your car’s service center finds out, be ready to say goodbye to the vehicle’s factory warranty.

Oversized wheels and tyres

Mahindra Scorpio Modified

While designing a car, the automaker will set certain durability and reliability standards for all aggregates on the car. This includes the wheels and tyres as well. Adding oversized wheels and tyres won’t just increase rolling resistance that affects mileage and performance, but will also void a car’s stock warranty. It will could the car manufacturer’s precisely arrived at design tolerances out of the window, and could also increase the rate of wear on wheel bearings.