Continued: 6 valet parking disasters & 6 MEGA mistakes people make!

While there are many ways a car can be stolen by thieves and damaged by valets, there are few things you can do to avoid the situation. Here are some mistakes people make while valet parking:

Using a valet even when you don’t need to…


Yes, we know it is very convenient to hand over the keys to a valet, but avoid it when you can. This basically minimizes chances of things going wrong. Valets are generally in a hurry due to the huge number of cars they handle. They may make grave mistakes during the process.

Also, the valet parking do not care about driving the car gently, which means extreme acceleration and braking. The car may also suffer a scratch or two which you may miss until the next day. Avoiding the valet altogether is the best way to keep your car safe and sound.

Leaving valuables inside a car


Valuables like a laptop, wallet and jewellery are easy to hide and can go missing easily from the car if you leave them behind. Even if the hotel staff is honest enough to not touch it, someone else may break the window of your vehicle to steal things. Valet generally park the vehicles on an empty street nearby or a large parking lot which is usually difficult to monitor, and such incidents can be happen quickly and easily. And often without even the valet knowing about it.

Not investing in a GPS tracker


Car security systems are becoming very high-end nowadays. One such safety measure which is also very effective is a GPS tracker. Such devices can alert you by sending you texts when there is an un-authorised usage of the car. Also, such devices can shut down the car if it goes out of a certain limit that you can set. Such devices can also help track the car and decreases insurance costs too.

Leaving a spare car key/home key inside the car


It is a dumb idea to keep the spare inside car any way. If the valet finds out the spare key, he may just keep it and follow to your home to gain easy access to your car. Also, never leave your home key inside the car. The valet or a thief may make duplicate and later enter your home without raising any suspicion.

Handing over a powerful car to a valet


Indians do not generally drive around in powerful cars. Hence, most of us are not used to it too. Seeing a high-end car may excite the valet, and the overexcited chap may just crash the vehicle in front of your sight. If you are driving a powerful car, make sure that you park the car by yourself.

Handing over an uninsured car to a valet

First of all, driving in an uninsured car is illegal but there are certain older/vintage cars that just have third party insurance cover. If you drive about in such a car, handing it over to a valet is an absolute no-no, for any accident damage would not be covered by the insurance provider.