Continued: Beach driving: 10 STUPID things nobody should do

Going in alone and without rescue equipment

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This rule applies to anyone who is venturing off the tarmac. If you do plan on going to drive on the beach, carry a shovel and a tow rope to help you in case you get stuck. If possible, go in groups so that you do have the option of getting pulled out by another vehicle if you get stuck. Chances of getting stuck are very high, so make sure you anticipate that and act accordingly.

Keep momentum and don’t try to accelerate if stuck

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This is one thing that people do in panic. Pressing the accelerator hard when stuck is not the right thing to do, if you end up getting stuck. By pressing the throttle, you will just dig yourself deeper into the rut. Stop the vehicle first. Access the situation and see if you can get out by a push or need a rescue vehicle to pull you out. Try to keep constant momentum while driving, this will prevent you from getting stuck.

Not engaging correct mode before hand

driving mode select

This is something that must be done. If you do have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, make sure you shift to the right mode before you start driving. Shifting into the right mode after getting stuck won’t do you any good and will not be helpful in getting you out.

Also, if you don’t have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, DO NOT venture into the deep thinking your vehicle will make it back. Make sure to stay far away to avoid damaging your vehicle and pocket. Make sure you go back to the normal driving mode when you get back on the road, or you may end up damaging the vehicle.

Not opting for right tyre pressure

lower tyre pressure

Keeping a lower tyre pressure helps to have a wider footprint, which gives more grip and it also helps to distribute load over a wider area, which means that chances of getting stuck reduce. Reducing a few psi will be helpful to gain more grip. Make sure to fill in air once back on the road and also, make sure you don’t remove a lot of air as it may damage the tyre and rim.

Not cleaning underbody after being done

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Salt water is the biggest cause of corrosion. Since you are choosing to drive your vehicle in the beach, you are asking for rusting to take place. Now, to make sure that your vehicle stays safe, get a thorough under body clean done after the excursion. Get a pressure washer to remove all the muck which gets accumulated under the body of the vehicle. This will make sure your vehicle stays safe and away from rust.

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