Continued below: 10 good habits that’ll make your car last long, really long!

Here are five more habits that will make your car last really long.

Short trips are not good

Bangalore traffic

If the car is often used for trips under 2 kilometres, it can have an adverse effect on the engine. Short trips do not give much time to the vehicle to warm up and it causes much high wear and tear.

Avoiding shorter trips is an absolute necessity if you want to keep your vehicle last long. Bumper-to-bumper traffic can also be bad for your vehicle. Highway cruising is always better than city drives, where the car needs constant gear changes and clutch engagement.

Fuel quality is important

fuel filling

Many fuel stations provide substandard fuel. There have been numerous reports that suggest that low-quality fuel caused irreversible damage to the engine. Modern engines work at a very high compression and using low-quality fuels can make them lose compression and power. Low-quality fuel can also cause the engine to knock and break apart. To avoid this, always make sure that you fill fuel from a known place or reputed fuel pumps on the highway.

Smooth is cool


Smoothness is the key to increase the life of your vehicle. If you are driving a manual car, make sure you never ride the clutch. Riding clutch means keeping your clutch depressed even when the clutch input is not needed anymore. This can cause unwanted wear and tear to the clutch and puts an extra amount of pressure on the engine.

Changing gears smoothly is also important. Always make sure that you release the clutch smoothly after the gear is engaged. Dumping the clutch will put pressure on the clutch plates and the drive train that significantly reduces the life of the vehicle. Also, never release the clutch too soon or too late as it hampers the car’s mechanicals.

Overloading is life reducing

city overweight

Overloading the car can make the car slow, puts extra effort on suspension, clutch and engine. Remove all the unwanted items like roof carrier when not in use. Also, always make sure that you do not exceed the capacity of the car. If the car is meant for 5, only 5 people should be seated. Overloading the car can also be very dangerous.

Rust is evil


If you ever see that there is a chip in the car’s paint, never ignore it. Rust is one of the silent killers that will ruin your vehicle forever. Manufacturers apply a coat of anti-rust before the final paint on the vehicle. If the paint gets removed somehow, the body of the vehicle gets exposed to water and air causing rust. Make sure that your car’s underbody is washed regularly to remove the dirt.