Continued: BUSTED: 10 biggest myths about Rolls Royces

And here are 5 more myths surrounding Rolls Royces.

Myth: The only thing that you can hear in a Rolls Royce is the clock

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Well this maybe true at lower speeds, but as the speeds increase, there is very minimal amount of noise that does creep in from the outside. It is much less than on any other luxury vehicle on sale, but you cannot go as far as saying that the clock is the only thing you will hear in the Rolls.

Myth: Rolls Royce badge colour change from red to black

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The badge on the Rolls-Royce was changed from red to black not, as popularly believed to commemorate Henry Royce’s death, but because Royce himself decided that Black was aesthetically more appropriate. Some customers complained that the red badge often clashed with the colour of the car and hence the decision was made to change the colour of the logo.

Myth: They are so perfectly built that they’ll never need to be recalled


Well people believe that the Rolls Royce is so perfect that it cannot have issues or be recalled, given the amount of dedication that goes into building each car. This is however untrue. Rolls Royce issued a recall for the Ghost back in 2015. This may have been a one-off case, however it goes to show that nothing is perfect.

Myth: They aren’t used as taxis


It is a myth that Rolls Royces are never used as taxis. There are a lot of them that can be found all over the world, in India too. A lot of high end hotels have Rolls Royces to ferry their esteemed guests.

Myth: They always made luxury cars

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Did you know that the company started off building rally cars? In order to prove their expertise that they could build good engines and vehicles, they entered into a lot of endurance races back in the day and were fairly successful too.

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