Continued: Car modification atrocities that’ll shock you

Maruti 800


The legendary Maruti 800 has become the base of many modifications but this one takes the top spot on how-not-to-modify an 800. The car gets custom body parts and the roof has been chopped to make it an open-top.


The soft-top car gets white interiors. Also, there are white colored bumper guards in front and rear. The grille has been modified to place a circular sign which is similar to the round headlamps of the car.

Maruti Swift


We get the fact that Maruti Swift has become old. Many people want a new face and new look and they turn to modifications. The aggravation of getting new look Swift has completely turned this car into a disaster.


The plastic grille cover of the car is a bad idea to start with. The car gets dual tone red and white color, that further deteriorates the look of the vehicle. There is more! The modifier has added a rear wing in the middle of the hatchback serving no purpose. If you ever want to get your Swift modified, do check this first.

Maruti Omni


The Omni is not a good looking car. The boxy design of the vehicle was never the first thing people looked for when buying Omni. It was the spacious interiors and very practical usage of Omni that made it one of the most successful cars from Maruti.


This Omni though had different ideas. I wanted to became a four-seat pickup instead but the makeover surgery did not go very well. The Omni gets a part of the chopped in the rear and two jump seats placed there. It would have looked great only if we hadn’t seen the likes of Isuzu V-Cross or Tata Xenon.

Maruti 800


Well, if Maruti 800 lived to see this form, it would have been thought about all the wrong things that it had done in life. This project car is made up of plastic panels, a lot of them. The does not resemble anything else in this world, not even the cars that are found in a drawing book of a child from 1st standard.


The windows seem to be fixed positioned and the car has a wing at the end too. The car is made very creatively though but not creative enough to attract the compliments from the onlookers. This may be the first design of the designer and soon, we may see another DC or heck, the Pininfarina in India.

Honda City


Honda City is a good looking car and the same can be said about the previous generation of the vehicle. The only thing the car did not get is an open roof. No problem said this modifier who ripped the top of the City to transform it into a two-door open-top car.


It does not get even get a soft-top. So, umbrellas have to be out when it rains. There is a big scoop on the bonnet adding muscle to the whole car set-up. Even the exhaust tips are larger than the biceps of WWE showmen.