Continued: Ten car mods true enthusiasts will never even consider

Fake air vents/ air scoops

air vent

An air scoop or vent is mainly added to improve the cooling and air flow to either the engine or other parts that need cooling. Putting fake air vents on cars that don’t have large engines or that don’t require it is something an enthusiast will not do.

Unnecessarily large tyres

Putting large rims and tyres are necessary if your car is generating a lot of power. Also since the Indian market is focused on fuel efficiency, we only get eco tyres on most cars which means we will need better and larger tyres to improve handling and to put the power down properly. However there is a limit to that.

Putting excessively large tyres has more downsides than upsides. For starters, it will increase ride height and it may look out of place on your car. Also, unless you are generating a lot of power, it will slow your car down due to the added friction and it will also reduce fuel economy.


Spinners are basically rims that keep rotating even when the car is stationary. They are mainly in chrome. Most enthusiasts would find it too flashy and unnecessary to put it on their car.

Bull guards without 4×4 application


It is very commonly seen in India that even a small car is fitted with a bull guard. This is done mainly by people who believe that in a minor fender bender, the car will stay safe. What they don’t know is that they are more at risk in that case as the cabin will take the impact rather than the car.

A proper bull guard is only useful when you have a 4×4 vehicle and intend on going deep into the wilderness where you may have to push away some heavy things or if you want to winch yourself out. In that case, a bull guard makes sense, however a true enthusiast will never put it on their family hatchback.

Excess chrome


Chrome looks really good on classic cars that were designed that way. However adding massive chrome grills or excessive chrome elements all over the car is something an enthusiast will not do since it makes the car look very ricerish.

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