Maruti Gypsy


More than three decades old the Gypsy is inarguably one of the most charming vehicles on sale in India. But that’s not why it’s so popular among the modifiers. The Gypsy is a great platform for off-roading, so one can keep upgrading as he/she gets better at it. And there are so many ways the Gypsy can be enhanced for off-roading ability as well as for looks. You can still buy one from Maruti Suzuki and pass it on to the future generations; it’s a proper future classic.

Mahindra Thar


Like the Gypsy, the Thar also happens to have the same appeal among off-roaders. It’s slightly better on the road, hence it gets a wider appeal. The presence of a diesel engine — a decently powerful one, at that — adds to it. While off-road junkies can get their Thars upgraded for better performance off-road, the classic Jeep design makes it a good canvas for those looking for better looks. And not to forget those who want their vehicle to look like Jeep Wrangler.

Chevrolet Cruze

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One of the least expensive D-segment sedans in the market also happens to be the most powerful one — the 2-liter diesel engine makes 166 PS and 360 Nm. That, and its muscular styling, make the Cruze a great platform to modify. For everyday performance it doesn’t need more power than it currently does, but multiple modifiers have successfully shown that in terms of looks, it just keeps getting better.

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