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Honda Mobilio

Fast people mover

Continued: Don’t ignore these cars

The Mobilio was Honda’s first take at the MPV market. So the only contender it had to deal with was the Ertiga. However due to its higher pricing & not so good looks, it didn’t do so well in the market. But did you know that the 1.5 liter petrol engine on the Mobilio is the same that is offered on the City? The engine is also offered in the same state of tune, so it makes 118 Bhp & 145 Nm. Pricing begins at Rs 7.10 lakhs which is slightly on the expensive side, however if speed is what you are looking for, this is the best petrol MPV out there.

Renault Lodgy

Spacious & powerful people mover

Continued: Don’t ignore these cars

The Renault Lodgy has been positioned in such a way that it is placed above the Ertiga & Mobilio & it undercuts the Innova by quite a bit. So why should you spend more on the Lodgy from the Ertiga & Mobilio? Well the Lodgy is more roomier than the other two. Powering the Lodgy is the same 1.5 liter K9K unit which does duty on the Duster & is available in both the 108 Bhp/245 Nm & 84 Bhp/200 Nm states of tune. The Lodgy has a very good suspension setup that not only soaks up the bumps but also handles well too. So if you want a comfortable people carrier for long distance commutes, the Lodgy is the cheaper alternative to the Innova. Pricing starts at Rs 8.55 lakhs.

Maruti S Cross 1.6

320 Nm torque 

Continued: Don’t ignore these cars

The S Cross started the whole premium image for Maruti. However since the launch of the Creta, the S Cross never did very well. If you can get around the fact that it looks more like a large hatchback than a SUV, the S Cross is actually a good car. The 1.6 liter engine produces 118 Bhp & 320 Nm. Though it is down on power to the Creta, it makes up in terms of torque. Prices for the S Cross start at Rs 10.23 lakhs which is roughly 2 lakhs cheaper than the lowest variant of the Creta. With the recent price cut, the S Cross makes complete sense as a more practical & fun to drive crossover.

Tata Safari Storme Varicor 400

Most powerful SUV in class

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The Tata Safari was the car that started the SUV revolution in India back in 1998. Ever since then, it has a certain charm & appeal to it that cannot be matched by any other SUV on sale in the country. Yet it is the Mahindra XUV that outsells the Safari. The Safari, in the Varicor 400 avatar is powered by the 2.2 liter unit making 154 Bhp & 400 Nm. This makes it the most powerful SUV in its class. The Safari is also very comfortable. Pricing for the Varicor 400 starts at Rs 13.84 lakhs. For that price, we seriously think the car is worth a look at.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Ride quality & off-road capability

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The Pajero name has a rich heritage attached to it. Since the Fortuner has come though, the Pajero has lost out. No, there is nothing wrong with the car. It still drives well, offers great ride quality & also has great off-roading capability.  Yes, it may look more old fashioned and even a little dated, but it is a good performer. Powering it is a 2.5 liter engine making 176 Bhp & 400 Nm. Pricing starts at Rs 26.50 lakhs for the 2wd automatic.

Only go for the Pajero is you have a Mitsubishi dealer in your vicinity, else you end up stranded for service.