Fast & hot Skoda Octavias in India

Continued: Fast & hot Skoda Octavias of India

New Octavia vRS

octavia vrs 1

The new Octavia was always a good looker. This one just takes that to another level. One of the first car’s in India to get the VRs bumper. It gets a Revo stage 1 remap making 220hp. On the inside, there is the paddle shifter steering wheel.

octavia vrs 2

240 Bhp Skoda Octavia vRS


This Skoda Octavia vRS looks fast, and goes faster. Roll-on timings is what this car is kitted out to demolish. A very punchy mid range is courtesy the remapped 1.8 liter turbocharged petrol engine and an tweaked turbocharger that now operates at 25 PSI.


The result is 240 Czech horses that come into their own in the middle of the rev band, giving this Octavia plenty of poke when the right foot goes into stomp mode. Visually too, this Octavia vRS is a fetching looker, with 18 inch Borbet rims, H&R cup suspension that can be lowered, leather interiors and a full blown audio set up.

Pete’s Skoda Laura vRS


This one comes from the tuner’s garage Petes. Under the hood is a turbo upgrade and a custom remap making the car do 300+hp. To make it sound nice you have the Miltek full exhaust system. It has Bilstein suspension which gives it the lowered look. On the inside there are Recaro seats, leather upholstery and an upgraded audio system.

skoda-laura-1-8tsi-vrs-14 (1)

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